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You know your operations better than anyone else. All you need is the right information to fuel your decisions. That’s where the PI System comes in.

Why have engineers and operators chosen the PI System for over 40 years?

  • No coding required

    Want to review analytics on last month’s production? Need a real-time production report? Gone are the days of IT tickets. With the PI System, it’s easy to find what you're looking for. You can search for data via self-service tools. And you can configure your displays and analytics the way you want—without any coding. More time to do the things that matter.

  • Connect everything

    Thirty-year-old equipment? Check. The latest IoT devices? Check. The PI System can gather high-fidelity data from hundreds of sources, all in real time.

    The advantage of the PI System is not only that it’s seen it all but that it continues to evolve. From proprietary legacy equipment to smart devices, you can gather data from any source. And send data anywhere, including leading-edge applications. The PI System helps keep your data platform evergreen–along with your business.

  • Reliability you can trust

    There is no restart button in the real world. That’s why we built the PI System to satisfy the most stringent requirements of critical operations. The PI System supports fail-over and high-availability deployments. From high-velocity events to the smallest of details, the PI System ensures that your data keeps flowing.

Built and supported by engineers, for engineers

We understand your world. Operations don't stop at 5 p.m. And there’s no undo command. When you must keep the lights on, water running, and resources flowing, you need people you can depend on.

  • Degreed engineers

    When you contact technical support, you won’t waste time explaining the basics of your operations. With degrees from top universities, our engineers can accelerate your troubleshooting.

  • Industry experience

    Many of us come from your industry. That means we know what it takes to drive real change. And we understand the best practices for your industry.

  • PI System expertise

    Our engineers have been using the PI System for years. Our deep experience not only helps us solve your problems - but it also allows us to train you on how to avoid problems down the line.

Trusted by customers worldwide

Engineers around the world use the PI System.


Colorado Springs Utilities reduced overtime by 58% using the PI System to support analytics

Oil & gas

Aera reduced manual surveillance of water injection systems & wellbores to save $14 million annually


Elia improved asset management by converting from calendar to condition-based maintenance


Covestro is using the PI System to improve operations and increase OEE

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Engage in conversations with like-minded people. Solve real-world business problems. Read articles from experts. Bounce ideas off of knowledgeable developers.

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