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You’re supporting numerous enterprise systems already. Meet the needs of operations securely, at scale. Make your business stakeholders happy with easy access to decision-ready data.

Why have IT leaders chosen the PI System for over 40 years?

  • Security for operations and business

    Striking the right balance between monitoring and control is crucial for industrial companies. Business users need easy access to operations data without endangering the control network or accidentally hitting “the red button.” The PI System is based on a distributed architecture and defensive programming techniques that protect the security perimeter. Integration with Windows Active Directory simplifies permissions management. Highly regulated companies trust the PI System to bring best cybersecurity practices to critical operations.

  • Maximize your existing investments

    Are you a Microsoft shop? Exploring new advanced analysis tools? The PI System handles the first-mile challenges of getting data from your legacy assets, protected control networks, and also newer IoT devices. Make time-series data immediately available to engineers and operators—or let PI System cleanse, normalize and send analysis-ready data to business intelligence tools. Microsoft Azure-based cloud technology allows you to quickly integrate operations data with your existing enterprise applications.

  • Self-service is the best service

    Engineers and operators don’t need coding or SQL experience to access data from the PI System. PI Server allows you to centrally configure connections to other business systems such as ERP or maintenance databases to enable a single operational data hub. Create streaming calculations and KPIs server-side to drive consistent reporting across the enterprise.

Data done right

We’re here to help you protect your core network, while delivering new value and new technologies across the enterprise.

  • Security experts

    We believe in defensive coding practices and advancing critical infrastructure protection initiatives. We focus on the overall security development lifecycle and transparency to go on the security journey together.

  • Ensure ROI

    No one wants to be caught with a big bill for an IT project that failed to deliver. De-risk large analytics projects by delivering incremental value. Empower upstream engineers and operators to uncover savings, improve process visibility, and ensure only trusted, validated data feeds your business initiatives.

  • Scalable architecture

    Over 40 years, we’ve seen it all. Whether it’s blending legacy assets with the latest IIoT devices or serving global users and partners through the cloud, we can help you design a scalable architecture that meets your stringent requirements today while also supporting your growth into the future.

A system to make your life easier

Discover how you can provide a secure, scalable, single source of truth for your enterprise.

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