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Built for critical industries. Trusted by industry leaders.

“Customers first” is at the core of how we operate. It’s how we’ve helped thousands of companies become—and stay—leaders in their industry.

Why have leadership teams chosen the PI System for over 40 years?

  • Proven track record

    Our customers trust us. We understand that in critical industries, bad decisions have grave consequences. Every day, industry leaders rely on the PI System to manage the lifeblood of the industrial enterprise—operations data. The world’s most essential and complex industries rely on us because we deliver the right data, to the right people, at the right time.

  • Future-proof software

    Before the internet, big data, or AI, the PI System broke ground as a historian that captures data from industrial equipment—reliably, securely, and quickly. Today, the PI System connects to the most advanced cloud analytics, platforms, and edge technology. But you won’t have to replace our software every few years because it’s suddenly no longer compatible with your legacy control systems.

    We build products that last—but also keep up with the times.

  • Value over time

    You have a big investment in capital assets. We know those assets have to last, often for decades.

    Get value from the PI System now. Save on maintenance costs, reduce unplanned downtime, and extend the useful life of expensive assets.

    Get value over time. Whether you have our latest software or you’re trying to get a few more years out of our older products, we stand by your investment in the PI System. And we’ll stay current so we can support your evolving technology landscape.

    Our first customers are still with us. Why? Because we never leave a customer behind.

Empowering the digital transformation of critical industries

You’ll have the help you need to meet your goals.

  • Expert advice

    We have industry experts with years of experience. They know technology. They keep up to date with what’s happening with digital transformation in your industry.

  • Customer support

    We enable your success with learning programs and exceptional  professional customer success managers and product support engineers.

  • Extend your enterprise

    Use data to connect to people, systems, and communities of customers, suppliers, and partners.

Trusted by customers worldwide

We support our customers for the long term.

Oil & gas

DCP Midstream has saved $20 million since implementing the PI System

Mining, metals & materials

Unacem improved cement milling runtime by 11-17% and increased profits by $6 million in one year

Mining, metals & materials

CEMEX created an “autopilot” function for its kiln operation control systems

Pharmaceutical & life sciences

Biogen is using the PI System to make Alzheimer’s drugs more affordable

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