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How does the PI System help you achieve faster operational insight?

Valuable insights are waiting to be discovered. The PI System maintains a single source of high-quality, high-fidelity data, trusted by both operating engineers and data analysts.

  • Collect and aggregate data

    Want to reduce the time you spend gathering data? The PI System automatically collects and aggregates operations data directly from distributed operating assets, including IIoT sensors. You can trust the data because the same system serves engineers in mission-critical functions.

  • Get data context

    You need to understand what data means to achieve insight. The PI System uses a structured framework to organize operations data into meaningful groups and hierarchies, creating context. Analysts can work independently to find relevant data and validate their models.

  • Prepare and format data

    Want to achieve insight with greater speed and accuracy? The PI System cleanses and normalizes data to enable direct comparisons. Self-service tools let you select and shape data for direct export into your choice of analysis tools. The PI System reduces the manual effort of preparing data for analysis.

Self-service access to reliable data with operations context

The PI System reduces the time you spend collecting, preparing, and exporting data to your favorite analysis platforms.

  • Fast, secure data delivery

    Transfer data natively to the platform of your choice, including AWS, Azure, Esri ArcGIS, Excel, Google Cloud, PowerBI, and others. Share data securely using AVEVA Data Hub (formerly OSIsoft Cloud Services), a cloud-native platform for real-time operations data.
  • Trustworthy, high-fidelity data

    Base your analysis on an operational system of record. The PI System is optimized for collection, storage, enhancement, and consumption of large quantities of high-fidelity operations data.

  • Programmatic access

    Give developers access to the PI System’s time-series data via RESTful APIs. You can also directly transfer PI System data into a SQL server or other relational database.

Trusted by customers worldwide

Analysts and data scientists around the world use the PI System.

Pharmaceutical & life sciences

Real-time data analysis enables Merck’s first continuously manufactured drug—from design to production


Covestro AG drives process optimization through advanced analysis of its high-tech polymer manufacturing

Pharmaceutical & life sciences

Janssen Biologics uses real-time analytics to maximize yield and improve industrial performance

Oil & Gas

Italian oil and gas company, Eni S.p.A., uses a digital twin to run advanced algorithms and production simulations

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