Save costs while saving the planet. Become a leader in environmental innovation. Simplify compliance using predictive analytics. Create sustainable operations for the greater good.

UC Davis is on its way to carbon neutrality with the PI System

Why sustainable operations matter

  • Save energy

    Conserving energy preserves the environment.

  • Protect the environment

    Operate as an environmental steward and promote sustainability.

The power of the PI System for sustainable operations

wind turbines and solar panels

Create resilient operations

Use data to make operations more resilient. Survive and thrive in changing environmental conditions.

Santa Rose Junior College and PXiSE Energy Solutions are developing a high-performance microgrid. The school will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and maintain a resilient and reliable power supply.

close up of toyota electric car being charged

Reduce energy use

Enhance monitoring capabilities to increase the capacity of your operations. Spend less and operate more efficiently.

Toyota is monitoring energy use during manufacturing to reach zero-carbon emissions by 2050.

close up of green glass beer bottles

Increase operational oversight

Build a comprehensive data infrastructure to provide insight into your operations. Create opportunities for improvement. Get granular or see the bigger picture.

Heineken’s brewery in Spain deployed the PI System as its energy and water monitoring solution, pushing sustainability improvements beyond current technical limits.

Preserve environmental integrity

Preserve environmental integrity

Achieve operational and business goals while preserving your environmental principles.

Sandvik’s GIMO production facility uses a wide range of Industry 4.0 technologies, achieving World Economic Forum “Lighthouse Factory” recognition.

From wasteful to resourceful

  • Collect and store data

    Gather and store all of your data to create one single source of truth for your organization to rely on.

  • Review and improve

    See areas for improvement. Eliminate wasted energy, time, and resources to cut down on costs and environmental impact.

  • Advanced analytics

    Run advanced and predictive analytics. Prevent resource waste. Improve current processes and streamline your operations to save energy. Meet today’s environmental regulations and achieve sustainability goals. 

  • Think big

    Empower members across your organization to think big by making data accessible and shareable. Tap data to improve your local community and the planet.

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