Reporting and compliance

Manage risk and regulatory compliance. Eliminate time-wasting manual reporting. Use real-time data to create more accurate digital reports.

Riverside Public Utilities improved processing time on internal data requests and regulatory reports

Why it’s important to improve your reporting

Safeguard your company’s reputation. Address environmental health and safety (EHS) concerns.

  • Effective reports

    Quality data means better reports, successful audits, and expanded oversight.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Accurate digital reports make it easy to  comply with government and industry guidelines.

The power of the PI System for enhanced reporting

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Minimize the impact of EHS events

Identify and respond rapidly to customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance concerns.

TasWater used pump data to reduce sewer blockage response time by up to 13 hours, helping to protect ecologically sensitive areas from wastewater spills.

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Ensure consistent compliance

Ensure your systems and processes consistently comply with regulations.

Boehringer Ingelheim collaborated with Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics to employ multivariate data analysis, ensuring pharmaceutical batches comply with strict government regulations.

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Automate reporting

Integrate disparate data sources for timely and accurate reports.

By collecting and contextualizing its data in the PI System, Riverside Public Utilities automated reporting and made reports more accurate and timely.

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Improve data management and governance

Capture and store data reliably and consistently for regulatory submissions.

Spark Therapeutics is undergoing a digital transformation, capturing and analyzing data to improve product quality and simplify regulatory reporting.

From manual to digital reports

  • Collect data from critical control systems

    Automatically stream real-time data from your critical assets and control systems using PI Interfaces and PI Connectors. Eliminate manual data collection.

  • Store and enhance data

    Prepare time-series data for advanced analysis. Remove noise, deal with missing data, and normalize varying time intervals. The PI System maintains one version of the truth for reports, simplifying things for managers and analysts.

  • Model complex environments

    Use Asset Framework to model your operating environment and give context to data streams. Create engaging visual reports and displays and let users drill down to see more detailed information. Use historical data and PI Analytics to compare data to past reports.

  • Monitor critical events

    Use Event Frames to develop benchmarking and batch tracking for better reports. Use PI Analytics to calculate conditions such as overall radiation exposure or the stress due to heat and humidity.

  • Develop predictive insight

    Format operations data and use PI Integrators to easily integrate with predictive analytics applications. Combine data from multiple systems such as weather and maps to improve situational awareness. Investigate root causes and implement new safeguards.

  • Take action

    Alert onsite operators to deteriorating conditions using Event Notifications. Quickly adjust operations or initiate preventive maintenance.

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