Remote operations monitoring

Any business is only as good as its data. What happens when that data is in a far-flung location? Or blocked by a natural disaster? The PI System provides real-time access to critical information, no matter where it’s coming from.

LADWP and Riverside Public Utilities discuss remote monitoring and other water  management strategies

Why remote monitoring pays off

Nearly every industry needs to collect data from hard-to-reach locations. With the PI System, you can access information from any site, at any time.

  • Avoid logistical nightmares

    Prevent equipment breakdowns and unplanned downtime of remote assets. Eliminate unnecessary maintenance crew trips to remote locations.

  • Solve connectivity issues

    Connect to hard-to-reach assets and bring in critical operations data using Edge Data Store.

The power of the PI System for remote monitoring

Power line and tower

Get data-driven results

Get access to real-time data and improve asset use.

Energy Queensland uses the PI System to monitor remote assets in real time.

hard hat worker walking in field with wind turbine

Make informed decisions

Use data to make informed decisions about operations and maintenance.

EDF created custom dashboards to visualize remote turbine data in time, for a projected $2 million savings in maintenance costs.

eliminate manual data collection

Eliminate manual data collection and record-keeping

Save time and money by reducing the need to send crews out to monitor and collect data remote assets. Get automatic updates, instantaneously.

Petronas integrated data from 130 pieces of equipment across Malaysia for a 360-degree view into asset health.

large ship on water

Improve asset performance

Monitor assets with real-time data to improve equipment performance and efficiency.

Royal IHC’s monitoring platform provides valuable data to customers about how vessels are operating at sea.

From out of sight to insight

  • Data from anywhere at any time

    PI Vision brings your data to tablets, phones, or the web so the people who need it can instantly investigate issues and answer questions. No matter their location, everyone in the organization can work from one version of the truth. And they can access it on any device, at any time.

  • Shine a light on remote assets

    Edge Data Store is a rugged solution for collecting data from remote assets that people can’t get to easily or safely. It runs on small, lightweight Linux and Windows devices that can withstand the elements. Shine a light on “far from home” assets.

  • Securely share data with anyone, anywhere

    AVEVA Data Hub (formerly OSIsoft Cloud Services) is a cloud-native platform designed for real-time operations data. Collect real-time data from customers and create a remote monitoring and diagnostics center. Securely share data with developers and data scientists. 

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