Quality tracking

Understand and monitor quality with the right data. Visualize every part of the production process.

Immediate feedback about environmental conditions with the PI System

How data can help you monitor product quality

A strong data management strategy means higher quality products and less costly recalls. Simplify testing with the reliability of the PI System.

  • Regulatory audits

    Present process data in a variety of formats and maintain a clear audit trail.

  • Effective reports

    A report is only as effective as the quality of the data in it. Smarter, simpler reports mean successful audits and better products.

The power of the PI System for monitoring product quality

Sterilized line workers at Tyson food plant

Produce better products

Save on production costs and reduce the need for recalls.

Tyson Foods recovered from a costly production line shutdown and used the PI System to help improve yield by 0.1 % in six months—enough to pay for the project.

Conduct audits with ease

Optimize the audit process with the PI System's audit trail and validation capabilities.

The PI System has become an essential tool for Sandoz to support compliance activities with health regulatory agencies around the world.

beer brewery metallic vats

Increase transparency

Increased insight into your process means increased control.

Deschutes used the PI System to eliminate unwanted temperature spikes in beer brewing, saving time and postponing an $8 million capital upgrade.

gloved hand holding petri dish

Save time, money, and energy

Merge disparate data sources to drive operational performance.

Pfizer created a data model that accelerates tablet production with live, in-batch monitoring, enabling 30% faster root cause analysis.

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