Process productivity

Increase production. Raise product quality. Decrease waste and cost. Continuous process optimization through operational adjustments and refinements.

How Kellogg’s reduced critical control point incidents by 64% using a digital twin with the PI System

How data and analytics can improve process productivity

Analyzing operations data can uncover opportunities for adjustments that deliver big impacts on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and process efficiency.

  • Conserve resources

    Avoid wasting resources and labor by using advanced analytics to identify process inefficiencies and improve workflows.

  • Prevent unplanned deviations

    No more scrambling for solutions. Minimize downtime and unplanned process deviations. Take proactive rather than corrective action.

The power of the PI System for OEE

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Continuous process improvements

With real-time production and performance data readily available, you can make minor adjustments without slowing down production . 

Through a series of small process improvements, Cargill reduced lost production time by 80%. 

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Reduce waste

Optimize maintenance, process efficiency, and quality control. Reduce resource consumption including materials and energy. Cut time lost to machine downtime.

Abbott Nutrition used the PI System to increase OEE by two percent while reducing scrapped product and increasing yields.

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Improve product quality

Better data means better process control and better products. Empower informed decision-making for process refinement. 

Boehringer Ingelheim used multivariate data analysis techniques to reduce production variance, generate greater batch potency, reduce batch destruction, and increase yield.

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Support digital transformation

Demonstrating the value of real-time data can help your company embrace the changes necessary for a digital transformation. Improve data access and support collaboration.

Covestro is using the PI System to support its digital transformation: improving operations and increasing OEE through better use of its data.

From inefficiency to productivity

  • Achieve high levels of productivity

    Unify streams of information into one comprehensive system to achieve the highest levels of process productivity and system performance.

  • Create visibility

    Use the PI System to create visibility into your processes, allowing you to track each step of your production.

  • Turn data into decisions

    The PI System captures data from sensors, equipment, and other devices to turn it into real-time information to help improve productivity.

  • Share data across the enterprise

    See assets and monitor productivity and efficiency in real time. Ensure everyone is always working toward the same goals.

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