Health and safety

The PI System provides real-time data to help prevent accidents and occupational injuries. Limit damage to property and the environment. Reduce the costs of incidents and recovery.

Using PI System data, Shell International reduced mandatory safety testing frequency by 50%

What data can do for health and safety

Data monitoring and predictive data analytics help you identify unsafe conditions to protect employees, infrastructure, and operations.

  • Real-time data enables immediate action

    Empower operators and engineers onsite with real-time data. Anticipate incidents and take corrective action. Initiate shutdowns. Physically restrict access to dangerous areas to prevent injuries.

  • Historical data enables predictive analysis

    Send real-time and historical data offsite for predictive analysis. Reveal performance deviations that lead to safety events. Identify ways to improve safety and upgrade procedures.

The power of the PI System for health and safety

prevent health and safety incidents Qatar

Prevent health & safety incidents

Automate data collection in hazardous environments. Monitor employee exposure to dangerous conditions in real time.

Qatar Power improved worker safety in conditions of high heat and humidity and avoided losing time to accidents for 3,452 days (4.2 million labor hours).

offshore platform or offshore drilling rig

Improve safety in operating environment

Develop red zone detection systems to give operators better visibility in dangerous environments. Use data to identify operational risks and implement controls. Create situational awareness to pinpoint and respond faster to emergency situations.

Rolloos turned its CCTV technology into a comprehensive red zone detection system using Edge Data Store.

nuclear power plant

Reduce downtime and operating costs

Use historical data for advanced pattern recognition. Identify anomalies in real time. Give engineers time to react and avoid catastrophic incidents and shutdowns. Improve emergency response with automatic notifications to people who can respond quickly.

Exelon reduced potential exposure to radiation during manual data collection by using remote data monitoring.

From incident response to incident prevention

  • Collect data from critical control systems

    Automatically stream real-time data from your critical assets and control systems using PI Interfaces and PI Connectors. Eliminate manual data collection in dangerous or hazardous locations.

  • Store and enhance data

    Prepare time-series data for advanced analysis. Remove noise, deal with missing data, and normalize varying time intervals. The PI System maintains one version of the truth for onsite operators and offsite managers and analysts.

  • Model complex environments

    Use Asset Framework to model your complex operating environment and give context to data streams. Get visual displays to operators quickly and let them drill down to see more detailed information. Leverage historical data and PI Analytics to predict normal range of operating conditions.

  • Monitor critical events

    Build and query a query-able database of relevant operations information using Event Frames. Develop benchmarking and batch tracking. Use PI Analytics to monitor environmental conditions such as overall radiation exposure or stress due to heat and humidity.

  • Develop insight

    Format operations data for easy integration into predictive analytics applications with PI Integrators. Combine multiple types of data and information such as weather data and maps for improved situational awareness. Investigate root causes and implement new safeguards.

  • Act

    Alert onsite operators to worsening conditions with Notifications. Initiate preventive maintenance and adjust operations. Reduce outages, avoid downtime, and protect revenue streams.

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