Energy efficiency

Use real-time data to reduce energy use. Unlock impressive savings.

How NASA cut facilities energy costs by 25%

How data can improve energy efficiency

The PI System provides increased visibility into your data. It’s easy to find opportunities to reduce energy use. Improve operations, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Manage energy

    Monitor your operations in real time and find opportunities to improve energy management.

  • Optimize operations

    When your assets and facilities run efficiently, your entire operation improves.

The power of the PI System for energy efficiency

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Increase situational awareness

Simplify data access and create a single source of truth. Share information with those who need it to increase awareness and optimize operations.

Kellogg’s reduced energy consumption in 44 HVAC units and saved $3.3 million annually.

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Automate reporting

Monitor plant, asset, and facility performance with energy efficiency reports.

AUROS Group helps owners of high-performance buildings use the PI System to calibrate energy models and track efficiency improvements.

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Implement remote monitoring

Get real-time insight into your facilities 24/7. Stay agile and act quickly from wherever you are to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

With remote monitoring, NIH has increased its equipment reliability by 50% since 2013, and saves 10-17% on utilities annually.

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Reduce environmental impact

Do what you do with integrity. Support the planet and your budget with data-driven decisions.

As part of its Environmental Challenge 2050, Toyota implemented a centralized energy monitoring system based on the PI System.

From inefficiencies to energy savings

  • Gather data

    Store all of your data in one place. Historical and real-time data points create one single source of truth. The PI System keeps your data safe yet available to anyone who needs it.

  • Real-time and predictive analytics

    Access data in real time. Improve efficiency to cut costs and prevent future waste with the foresight of predictive analytics.

  • Meet consumption and cost reduction goals

    With PI Vision, you can develop dynamic targets and visualizations to adapt to real-time changes. Continually set and meet goals to reduce energy consumption and lower costs.

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