Optimize asset health

Take the guesswork out of maintaining your assets. Maximize your equipment—and decrease costs—with condition-based maintenance.

The PI System and asset health

Why condition-based maintenance pays off

With traditional maintenance, it’s impossible to predict exactly when your equipment needs service. The result of misjudging can be costly or catastrophic.

  • Avoid wasting resources

    When you play it safe and perform maintenance too early, you waste time and money.

  • Prevent catastrophic failure

    When you delay maintenance, you risk catastrophic equipment failures.

The power of the PI System for CBM

hydro power plant

Reduce maintenance costs

Use actual performance instead of a fixed schedule to determine when to maintain equipment.

Vattenfall Hydro expects to reduce maintenance costs by 1.5% using the PI System to minimize unplanned maintenance.

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Improve equipment efficiency

Use data to assess how weather, routes, loads, and other factors affect equipment performance.

BAE Systems’ SEA-CORES uses PI System data to optimize operations and reduce costs.

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Share critical information

Send alerts quickly to people who need to know when problems occur.

PowerStream uses its "prioritized condition-based model" to help stakeholders make decisions in real time.

From historical data to predictive maintenance

  • Connect, collect, and store data

    Pull data from hundreds of disparate sources into a single system of record. PI Server protects and stores your data at its original fidelity.

  • Assign context and logic

    Add context such as last maintenance date and location to time-series data. Create working models. Define trigger events—no coding required.

  • Get notified

    PI Server monitors your data and proactively sends out alerts. Configure escalating notifications to ensure critical problems are addressed immediately. 

  • Integrate with maintenance management systems

    Easily integrate PI Server data with maintenance systems to generate work orders. Schedule maintenance based on historical and predictive models.

Highlighted section of PI System diagram
Highlighted section of PI System diagram

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