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Operational Intelligence
Day 1
• Learn from industry experts on how to enable Operational Intelligence

• See OSIsoft's latest vision, direction, and road map

• Hear from an Apollo 13 astronaut and flight control director

• Connect with peers during workshops, lunches, and an offsite evening reception
Industry Forum
Day 2
• View any of the eight tracks of industry presentations to see how the PI System is transforming other organizations

• Learn innovative approaches and best practices using streaming, real-time sensor-based data

• Attend the Product & Partner Expo, networking lunch and reception
UC TechCon
Day 3 & 4
• Formerly known as vCampus Live!, attend for product presentations, technical presentations and hands-on labs

• Attend the extended Product Expo to get your developer questions answered

•Thursday ends with Geek Night!
"A phenomenal conference. Lots of interesting people and customers who are really passionate about what this whole system can do. I’m really, really surprised at the dedication and passion that I’ve seen over the past couple of days." -
UC 2013 Survey Respondent
"Great exposure to industry experts! Why reinvent the wheel? Learn from others in the same industry." - Norman D., C.E.T
"I learned more about where OSIsoft is headed in one day than I get in one year of web searching." - Sherm B., International Paper