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    Turn Data into Operational Intelligence

    OSIsoft is a global leader in operational intelligence. For more than 35 years, the PI System™ has been helping the world's leading industrial organizations access, visualize and leverage their operational data. A scalable, universal, sensor-based data infrastructure developed and supported by OSIsoft engineers, the PI System continuously improves efficiency, asset health, resource utilization, quality and safety.

    Hundreds or millions of sensors, deployed at one site or multiple sites, the PI System delivers sensor-based data consistently and reliably in real time to people who can make a difference. People who can transform their worlds.

  • The PI System: One data infrastructure, many benefits

    Complex to simple

    The PI System creates a common data foundation that scales to an enterprise level, integrating disparate data sources, multiple control systems, information silos and non-standard naming data conventions into a single, comprehensive source of information.

    Greater situational awareness

    Agile, real-time and centralized monitoring capabilities ensure that vital data is continuously monitored and rapid responses to changes. Roll-up and asset-based calculations and alerts identify faults, process inefficiencies and underperformance within and across sites in real time.

    Data to actionable and shareable information

    The PI System incorporates assets, process, location and facility context to turn streams of sensor data into information that empowers people across the organization to consume, understand and use information for impactful decisions. Complex calculations are automatically performed, and incoming data streams and archived data are contextualized to generate meaningful information.

    Reduced IT complexity and cost

    The PI System simplifies the integration and architecture of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) by deploying a common software system across OT, automation systems and enterprise business applications. This results in an agile system that lets you rapidly take advantage of advances in IT applications, technology and solutions without having to reintegrate or rip and replace enterprise OT architectures.