Enterprise Agreement Software

The EA includes unlimited usage of Enterprise Infrastructure software for the assets licensed under the agreement. Add-on offerings can be added to an EA at additional costs or purchased separately depending on the licensing model of the offering. Contact an OSIsoft Account Manager for further details.

Enterprise Infrastructure Version 2.0

The list below is the full list of products included in Enterprise Infrastructure Version 2.0, which is referred to in all EA agreements.

  • Standard Interfaces & Connectors (refer to our Tech Support Webpage for the full list of Standard Interfaces and Connectors)
  • PI Server
  • Tools
    • PI Datalink
    • PI ProcessBook
    • PI Vision (Publisher & Explorer)
    • PI WebParts
    • PI Manual Logger(Desktop & Mobile)
    • PI Batchview (legacy product)
    • PI Active View (legacy product)
    • PI Alarm View (legacy product)
    • PI Profile View (legacy product)
  • Developer Technologies
    • PI SQL Framework
    • PI OLEDB Enterprise
    • PI OLEDB Driver
    • PI JDBC Driver
    • PI ODBC Driver
    • PI Web API
    • PI Web Services
    • PI AF SDK
    • PI OPC DA/HDA servers

The list below is the full list of add-on products for Enterprise Agreements

Advanced Integration (Add-on)

  • Geo-spatial: 
    • PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS
  • Business Analytics: 
    • PI Integrator for Business Analytics

Cloud Services (Add-on)

  • PI Cloud Connect

EA Services

All EA customers get access to SRP benefits, field service and learning resources as defined in the EA agreement. Additionally, programs such as CoE are additional services for EA’s as defined in the EA agreement.

A list of our EA service packages 

Frequently Asked Questions – EA Software

Below are the frequently asked questions about EA Software:

  1. What is the significance of Enterprise Infrastructure version 2.0?

    Version 2.0 refers to the currently active list of products customers get licensed for, by default, as part of an Enterprise agreement.

  2. If I am licensed for Enterprise Infrastructure version 2.0, what do I get license rights for?

    Customers get perpetual license to use all products listed under a specific version. Also, as part of eSRP under the Enterprise Agreement, customers also get upgrades and newer versions of all software products under Enterprise Infrastructure version 2.0

  3. What about new products added to a version during the course of the agreement?

    OSIsoft, at discretion, can add products to any product category under Enterprise Infrastructure version 2.0. Customers licensed for version 2.0 will automatically get perpetual license to those products as well.

  4. What about products being removed from a version?

    OSIsoft, at their discretion, may remove product(s) under a specific version if deemed fit. The customer will be informed well in advance in case of such an action.

  5. If OSIsoft releases Enterprise Infrastructure version 3.0 and I am licensed for version 2.0, will I automatically get direct upgrade to that version?

    No. OSIsoft reserves the right to charge additional fees if a customer desires to move to a new version when made available.

  6. When will a new version be created?

    A new version is triggered in case of a new product category being added to the existing list of categories under enterprise infrastructure.

  7. What is an Add-on product?

    An Add-on product such as PI Integrator for Arc GIS is not included in the Enterprise agreement by default. There is an additional license fee for the same. Speak to your account manager for details.

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