• What’s Included

    Enterprise Agreement Program

    Benefit from a full suite of PI System™ technologies

    Imagine your entire Enterprise operations environment having immediate access to:

    • system data for rapid, consistent reporting and tracking of KPIs
    • system data for advanced analytics to generate transformative business insights
    • operations data for real-time, timely decisions across the organization
    • historical data from most assets, systems and plants for continuous process improvement
  • Your Enterprise Agreement is comprehensive and far-reaching

    To ensure a successful enterprise deployment of a data infrastructure, you need a comprehensive framework to cover all your needs. The Enterprise Agreement delivers just that – covering simplified licensing terms, easy mechanism to add new products and services over time, and much more, all in a single agreement.

    Ultimately, the Enterprise Agreement enables a transformation at your organization – accelerating time to business impact and return on investment.

    What you need to know – read the E-Guide to the Enterprise Agreement Program >