• What's new in PI Vision 2019 (Russian)

    In this webinar, we will demonstrate the new functionality of PI Vision 2019, talk about changes to the requirements for configuring Kerberos network protocols, and about the migration of PI ProcessBook displays to PI Vision 2019. During the webinar, we will cover the following topics: - New PI Vision 2019 features - Configure Kerberos network protocols for PI Vision 2019 - Utility for migrating PI ProcessBook displays to PI Vision - Who will be interested in this webinar? This webinar will be of interest to all existing and potential PI System users, mimic developers, and IT professionals.
    Year: 2019

    Shell’s Enterprise Journey to Digital Transformation

    Dropping oil prices, expanding supply and growing regulations are bringing significant changes to the oil and gas industry. To stay competitive, the petroleum sector is undertaking a digital transformation and turning to Big Data, industrial IoT and advanced analytics to unlock business value.
    Year: 2019

    Societe de Transport de Montreal (STM)

    Société de Transport de Montréal (STM), the public company that manages Montreal’s subway and bus system, is the second most utilized transportation company in Canada, and the third most utilized in North America, overseeing 4 subway lines with 68 stations, as well as 220 bus lines served by about 1700 buses, along with elevators, escalators and other fixed assets. But despite the crucial services STM provides to support over 416 million passenger-trips a year, the company had limited visibility to its mass transit equipment using SCADA displays restricted to the control room.   ...
    Year: 2017

    Blue Solutions PI World San Francisco customer story

    Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of the French conglomerate Bolloré, is on a mission to change the future of electric power. They strive to produce innovative batteries and other electricity storage solutions that will outlast and outperform the majority of those on the market. Batteries, however, are notoriously difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to develop. To support and accelerate this complex development process, Blue Solutions relies heavily on the PI System™. With the PI System, managers can create daily and weekly dashboards that help them monitor production in real time. Such oversight allows managers to track important production parameters and quickly detect equipment problems so they can stay on target with their goals.
    Year: 2019

    Life Sciences User Group Panel Discussion

    Facilitated Panel discussion sharing experiences and addressing questions from user meeting attendees via live survey poll. Feel free to join us and continue the discussion at https://pisquare.osisoft.com/ Host: Petter Moree, OSIsoft Panel Moderator: Tim Alosi, Biogen, Chairperson for Life Sciences PI ...
    Year: 2019