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  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals

    Chemicals & Petrochemicals

    The PI System addresses the greatest challenges

    Day to day operations are regularly impacted by asset failures, quality issues and compliance reporting. Key to addressing these challenges is access to data in real-time, providing plant engineers and operators with insight into how their system and processes are performing and producing quick reporting to ensure compliance.   
    The PI System data infrastructure addresses these challenges by providing access to the data for operational insights in real-time, enterprise-wide.

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  • Industry Insights


    Chemicals & Petrochemicals

    Number 1


    Unscheduled asset downtime, equipment failure and underperforming assets result in production losses and lower profitability.


    Achieving high yields on higher-value assets is fundamental to sustainability. To increase the lifecycles of those key assets, the PI System helps identify them, assess their current health and compare their real-time vs. historical performance. Armed with this information, people can move beyond traditional calendar-based maintenance and automate work orders that drive preventive maintenance based on the actual health of an asset.

    Number 2


    The increasing demands of environmental and regulatory compliance, especially carbon and greenhouse emissions requirements.


    The PI System enables environmental compliance and reporting applications in addition to identifying production opportunities and constraints from environmental limits. And because regulatory agencies may request batch records to verify adherence to Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP, GMP or GAMP), the PI System can generate electronic batch records, including data from manual sources, via RtReports or similar package or via a complete Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

    Number 3


    Energy, maintenance, chemical, and IT costs are under severe and constant pressure.


    By supporting data access in the SA-88/S95/Batch context, the PI System does much more than just data visualization. It actually monitors and acts on processes in a timely manner to avoid two of the most costly drains on resources – product waste and equipment failure. This ability to manage and continuously improve operational costs is critical in the Chemicals/Petrochemicals industry as a whole and to the ongoing competitiveness of companies.


    China National Bluestar Chemicals & Petrochemicals

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