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    Enable Your World with OSIsoft Cloud Services

  • OSIsoft Cloud Services is our new generation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for time-series data. Designed to work in harmony with on-premises and edge installations of the PI System, OSIsoft's cloud services utilize the centralized and scalable computing resources of the cloud to connect users, businesses, and communities to transform the way they do business. OSIsoft Cloud Services enables companies to easily bring their on-premises and edge time-series data securely into the cloud, allowing you to easily share data and displays externally with expertise providers, service providers, business partners, and other stakeholders. Communities of users can now will be able to work together to derive new business value and insights from their data without the need to have a PI System locally.

  • Cloud Services for Industrial Operations

    Getting the last increments of operational efficiency requires extending beyond the enterprise to collect and share real-time operations data with vendors, partners, and service providers. Optimizing operational knowledge through a digitally enabled community brings together resources, information, and actions beyond the enterprise to deliver actionable and impactful insights not possible before. OSIsoft Cloud Services makes it easy to share decades of operations data with your partners, with or without the PI System installed. Simply connect your PI System data to your OSIsoft Cloud Services account, and then provide external access from the cloud. With full control over your data, it's easy to see who has access to it, and share your data consistently and securely across your community.

    Elevate the value of your operations data

    You've been collecting operations data from your facilities and assets in the PI System for years. Now you can easily share your data with your community of vendors, partners, and service providers that provide analytics and other services to your assets and business.

    Share data with partners, even if they do not use the PI System

    Previously it was difficult to share PI System data with external partners without a PI System at either end. With OSIsoft Cloud Services you can share your operations data securely through the cloud, without the need for a PI System on the other side. All you need to do is invite your partners to join your community.

    Aggregate and centralize your data

    OSIsoft Cloud Services allows you to easily connect to multiple PI Systems and create a single repository of trusted operations data for enterprise reporting and analytics initiatives.

    Outsource to service providers to manage asset health, optimize processes, and control quality.

    With the retirement of long-time, experienced engineers, companies are focusing their resources more than ever on their core competencies. With the increase of sensor data, companies are also turning to outsourced service providers to help them manage their asset health, optimize their processes, and help them control their quality. OSIsoft Cloud Services is an enabling technology, for helping your company go through this transformation.

    Standardize data sharing securely with partners

    Without a common framework you rely on company VPNs, FTP sites, text files, PI-to-PI Interfaces, custom interfaces, and other sharing methods. Through common cloud services from OSIsoft Cloud Services, it's now easier to create and manage a network of data sharing with your partners

  • Cloud Services for Partners and Service Providers

    Expand your business opportunity with access to the largest set of operations data in the world. Access a network of over 19,000 industrial sites managing over 1.5Billion streams of sensor-based data world-wide. The new OSIsoft Cloud Services gives you access to a cloud platform to develop and deploy new business opportunities for OSIsoft customers and prospects. Create, deploy, and offer data-driven services, new applications for industrial operations, or advanced analytics services - all in the cloud, hosted and managed by OSIsoft.

    Create new revenue streams for your business

    You're an expert. With PI System data, you can better apply your expertise to provide new valuable products and services to your customer base. Help transform the way your customers do their business with data.

    Gain historical and real-time visibility into remote operations.

    When a customer shares their operations data with you in a Community, you can get real-time visibility into their remote assets and processes so you always have the latest information. In addition, the ability to compare the real-time data to historical information to determine if assets and systems are performing as expected.

    Create and share displays with your customers

    OSIsoft Cloud Services enables you to create and share real-time updating displays that show KPIs and other key metrics that demonstrate the value of your service to your customers, all while increasing collaboration.

    Scale and streamline your cost of service.

    OSIsoft Cloud Services is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that enables you to scale your business without adding additional IT infrastructure and resources.

    Managed and kept up-to-date by OSIsoft.

    Our scalable and reliable cloud service offering is built on Microsoft Azure and is completely maintained and managed by OSIsoft. You don't need to worry about installing, monitoring, or updating the system.

  • Promote your Offerings through OSIsoft MarketPlace

    With over 19,000 industrial sites using the PI System, it's your opportunity to extend the value of OSIsoft's customer deployments with your own added services and applications. The OSIsoft Marketplace makes it easy to publish and promote your new cloud services and applications for easy access and consumption.

    Benefits of the Market Place:

    Instant access to OSIsoft's customer base

    Today OSIsoft technology is used to manage over 1.% billion data streams of data across 125+ countries in 19,000 sites. Our websites receive over 2 million visits per year. Publishing your cloud services and applications on the marketplace lowers your marketing costs and accelerates awareness for your new offerings for rapid adoption.

    Rapid publication and promotion of new services and applications

    The marketplace is set up to make it easy for you to add messaging, content, material and purchasing information to your personal promotional space.

    Identify business opportunities

    Browse the current services and applications. Research trending applications and services, and identify gaps and opportunities for your business.

  • Features

    • Leverage your existing PI System as a starting point.

      Easily connect to assets and related data you already own

    • Easily share PI System data with external partners, even if they don't have the PI System.

      Share data outside of your organization with partners or customers without the PI System.

    • Create and share displays externally.

      Displays created in your cloud account can be shared externally with your partner or customers for real-time insights.

    • Easily see and manage who has access to your data.

      Securely assign data access rights to communities of users within and between organizations.

    • Ground up and cloud down security.

      OSIsoft has been the trusted source for time-series data on premises for decades, and we are building our security knowledge and experience into OSIsoft Cloud Services to achieve the same high level of expectation for security in the cloud.

    • Managed and kept up-to-date by OSIsoft.

      Built on Microsoft Azure, our services are ready on demand, maintained, and managed by OSIsoft.

    • Full Suite of REST APIs

      A full documented API supports rapid application building , delivery and deployment through the cloud.

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