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    Cloud Capabilities

    Digital transformation requires digital agility

  • Industry is experiencing a digital revolution. Technology is changing at a phenomenal rate and new digital opportunities are presented to us daily. Key to embracing new technology is the agility to adopt new technology without disrupting business. OSIsoft offers a range of capabilities to connect, centralize, and share operational data from legacy technology systems to new digital innovations.

  • OSIsoft Cloud Services

    Let OSIsoft do the IT work

    Not everyone has the IT infrastructure, resources, and expertise to stand up their PI Data in the cloud for easy sharing. OSIsoft Cloud Services allows you to quickly deploy PI Data and IoT data with minimal IT resources.  OSIsoft provides a centralized environment for your data for an annual subscription fee. OSIsoft sets up your environment and maintains your service, allowing you to focus on your operations.

  • Your Peace of Mind

  • PI Integrator for Microsoft Azure

    Analytics-ready PI System data for the cloud

    Finding IT resources to run large-scale advanced analytics can be challenging. The cloud provides an on-demand environment to rapidly scale computing needs and run advanced analytics in a cost effective and timely manner. Once your data is in the cloud, one of the greatest challenges for advanced analytics projects is data preparation. Raw data streams coming from complex equipment or processes are limiting to data scientists and business analysts who are not experts in these domains. Raw, sensor-based data streams frequently have communication failures, different start times, uneven intervals, and unrealistic spikes that make it difficult to combine with highly structured business data. The PI Integrator for Microsoft Azure streamlines data preparation and presents trusted, high quality, and contextualized analytics-ready data to advanced analytics tools such as Microsoft Cortana Intelligence and Power BI for reporting, visualization, and data science experiments.

  • Native time-series data, asset context, and event context from the PI System are exposed through web-configured views. These views contain data that are dimensionally modeled, cleansed, and contextualized so that BI tools can effectively browse, query, and consume PI System data.

  • PI Connector for UFL

    Connect Your IoT Cloud Data Silos

    With IIoT devices pushing more data to different clouds, time-series data is getting lost in new cloud silos. The opportunity to combine these silos of intelligence for decision making and analytics is being lost. The PI Connector for UFL enables you to stream and centralize data from different cloud platforms into your PI System to deliver a single trusted source of time-series data for your enterprise. PI Connector for UFL (Universal File Loader) supports a REST endpoint that provides you with a simple way to integrate cloud sources of data with data already in the PI System.

  • OSIsoft Message Format

    Agility for the Future

    The world of IIoT is rapidly evolving and there are no standards. To continue to take advantage of new sensors and devices for monitoring your operations, you will need the flexibility to connect your data infrastructure to consume new sources of data. Developers need the flexibility to write data collection connectors to IIoT devices and other data sources where connectors don't exist out of the box. The OSIsoft Message Format (OMF) is a message specification from OSIsoft that shapes sensor-based data and transfers it to PI System or OSIsoft Cloud Services.

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