• Advance Safety Performance

    Advance Safety Performance

    The power of prevention

    Ensuring safety for your employees and the public is critical to your business. The key to preventing safety issues and complying with related regulations is access to data that can warn of pending issues, minimize regulatory reporting burdens and provide insights into safety improvement.

    The PI System™ delivers sensor-based data to the right people at the right time in the right format to optimize safety and minimize risk.

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  • Historized data can reveal compliance and performance deviations that can lead to safety events and regulatory issues. Real-time information gives you precious time to initiate shutdowns and physically restrict access to dangerous areas. And predictive insights made visible by integrating historical and real-time information support safety improvements, safeguards and systemized processes that predict and prevent issues before they happen.


    Power & Utilities

    At nuclear power plants, ensuring that every piece of equipment is running as it should is truly mission-critical. With the PI System, Exelon plant engineers can focus on analyzing data to prevent problems rather than manually collecting data and risking radiation exposure.

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    City of Calgary

    Power & Utilities

    Learn how the City of Calgary used the PI System to create predictive information during their rainy season to avoid residential and commercial flood damage, water quality issues, system downtime, and regulatory fines.

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