• Integration and On Demand Data Access 

    Out-of-the-box advanced integrations for the PI System now enables rapid PI Data access in industry standard data warehouse, business intelligence and GIS tools to deliver new analysis and insights.

    From engineers, data scientists, to data architects, anyone can now incorporate PI Data in their favorite visualization and analysis tools. Time series data is different. Extracting, processing and making data ready for 3rd party tools can be time consuming and require IT resources. Data that could take months to process, now takes minutes with PI Advanced Integrations.

    PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS

    Combining time and geospatial information creates new opportunities for improved situational awareness and decision making. The PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS out-of-the-box supports the streaming of real-time data to ArcGIS maps. ArcGIS users are able to visualize asset data on maps and make decisions about the location, status, health and energy demands of assets of interest in a geographical context in real-time.

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    PI Integrator for Business Analytics

    For decades the PI System has delivered real-time decision support to engineers and collected large archives of information suitable for retrospective analysis. The PI Integrator for Business Analytics now makes it easy to integrate PI Data with Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing tools. Engineers can self-serve and access PI Data in tools such as Microsoft© Power BI, Tibco© Spotfire and Tableau with the BI Edition. Meanwhile data scientists and data architects can incorporate analytics ready data from in their warehouses built on technologies such as Microsoft© SQL Server, Oracle© and Hadoop.

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    PI Integrator for SAP HANA

    Leverage the business information and software tools you already own to re-imagine your world. The PI Integrator for SAP HANA enables you to take advantage of the SAP HANA platform to rapidly build applications and deliver advanced analytics to support your operational needs. Integrating business data managed by SAP software with operations data from the PI System enables IT and OT organizations to advance analysis and insights for enterprise transformations.

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