• RtReports

  • RtReports is a powerful, fully configurable web-based enterprise reporting application used with the PI System for generating electronic and printed reports. RtReports can be used to produce repeatable reports through configuration and without programming. A report may include aggregated data, such as averages or maximums, as well as complex conditional logic and PI Performance Equations. All data is maintained in its original fidelity.

    RtReports can be used to specify the format, data, and management of reports. Reports are based on the plant configuration, specifications, and production data store in the PI System. External data sources may be brought into the report from relational databases and web services. RtReports can perform sophisticated calculations. Reports generated by RtReports are fully versioned and auditable.

    The PI System and RtReports provides security and versioning of report configuration and operational data for government-related industries. These reports comply with regulatory requirements to facilitate use of electronic records, most notably U.S. 21 CFR Part 11 - Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures.

    RtReports can be used to create batch-based reports leveraging data stored in either event frames in the PI Asset Server or in the PI Batch Database in the PI Data Server. It can also be used to create time-based reports. Many pharmaceutical and life sciences customers use RtReports for exception based reporting and for batch release reports.

    System Components

    RtReports has two major components:
    • The RtReports Generator is a web application used to search stored data within a PI Server, aggregate that data according to specifications, identify deviations from critical process limits, maintain comments and approval history, and generate pre-configured reports.
    • The RtReports Editor is a desktop application used to create and modify report templates for selecting data, aggregating it, formatting it, and collecting electronic signatures for reviews.

    Note: Before installation, we recommend that you download and review the document “RtReports Third-Party Packages and Additional Signing Information.docx” which is located in the RtReports Downloads page of the OSIsoft Tech Support web site. This document contains additional information on the signing and hashing of files that are installed.