• PI WebParts

  • PI WebParts, formerly called RtWebParts, provides real-time visibility into end-to-end processes that cross application, platform, and organizational boundaries. They facilitate comprehensive integration of enterprise data and represent the building blocks for an organizational framework where people can interact and collaborate. Critical processes can be automated, managed and monitored in real-time.

    PI WebParts can help unlock the hidden value buried in an organization, and propel the organization into a sleek, agile real-time enterprise. PI WebParts empowers an organization to visualize processes and data in real-time so that decision cycles are reduced and the organization can react to real-time changes in operating conditions. Less time is spent gathering relevant information from both data sources and people.

    Built-in features of PI WebParts include a gallery of web parts and their configuration tool parts, as well as a set of administrative pages that can be used to configure datasets and advanced web part features.

    The following web parts are included with PI WebParts:
    • PI ActiveView (Presents updating displays created in PI ProcessBook and saved in the PDI format)
    • PI BatchTable (Allows users to search for and display live and historical PI Batch data)
    • PI Gauge (Displays an analog style gauge indicating current real-time value of a data point)
    • PI Graphic (Presents updating displays created in PI ProcessBook and saved in the SVG format using an add-in)
    • PI Messenger (Displays the online presence for a list of instant messaging contacts)
    • PI Table (Displays datasets in tabular format)
    • PI TimeRange (Alters start and end times of other PI WebParts on a page)
    • PI TimeSeries (Displays lists of events occurring within a specified time range from any time series data source in tabular form)
    • PI TreeView (Renders data from PI AF in a tree view control) 
    • PI Trend (Displays an interactive trend graph, which updates in real time)
    • PI Values (Displays data values and summaries at a specified point in time from any time series data source in tabular form)
    • PI XYPlot (Displays an interactive XY chart that compares multiple sets of time series data) 

    PI WebParts also includes language packs for the following languages:
    • Japanese
    • German
    • French
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Korean
    • Simplified Chinese

    PI Web Parts Services provides support for querying data from a variety of sources, including PI databases, relational databases and web services.  The services are installed into a separate application server from SharePoint, optionally on a separate computer.

    PI Web Part Connections allow communication between parts in order to share contextual information, such as query parameters (such as time ranges, datasets, and query placeholder values).