• PI DataLink

  • PI DataLink is a Microsoft Excel add-in that enables you to retrieve information from your PI System directly into a spreadsheet.

    With PI DataLink, you can:
    • Retrieve PI point and AF attribute values
    • Retrieve system metadata to create a structured view of PI data
    • Reference items using PI DataLink functions to calculate and filter data
    • Keep values updated when the spreadsheet recalculates
    • Retrieve PI Event Frames
    • Retrieve PI Notifications to which you are subscribed
    PI DataLink provides a graphical interface to retrieve data and build functions and calculations. PI DataLink functions are embedded in spreadsheet cells and can provide active updates of real-time data from the PI Server.

    You can also use the rich calculation and formatting capabilities of Excel to organize and present PI System data to fit your purpose or audience.

    Combined with the computational, graphic and formatting capabilities of Microsoft Excel, PI DataLink offers powerful tools for gathering, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting PI data.