• PI BatchView

  • PI BatchView leverages the batch data in the PI Batch Database associated with equipment in the PI Module Database in PI servers. It provides access to your existing data in the PI Batch Subsystem and is backward compatible with your existing PI ProcessBook displays and Excel spreadsheets.

    Components of PI BatchView
    • Batch symbols for PI ProcessBook
    • Microsoft Excel add-in for PI DataLink
    • PI BatchView Quick Search - Perform simple or complex searches for batches without setting up a display or a spreadsheet
    • PI BatchView ActiveX controls for searching and displaying batches - Access PI BatchView components in other programs

    Some notable features
    • Support for retrieving batches created in the PI Batch Database (PI Server 3.3 and later) as well as continued support for retrieving Batch Subsystem (PI Server versions 3.3 and earlier) batches
    • Unit Migration utility for quickly mapping classic PI Batch Subsystem units to PI Module Database-based units.
    • Easier to use and more comprehensive batch searching at build and run time
    • Results Table
    • Gantt Chart integrated with Batch Trend
    • Batch data can be aligned based on batch items in the Gantt chart
    • Integration with PI ProcessBook and PI DataLink's Module context features
    • Flexible naming of batch terms using Custom Names feature (for example, you could use Lot Number instead of Batch ID)