• PI System Directory

  • PI System Directory is a new product that enables customers to automatically detect the OSIsoft software running on their servers and data collection computers. (This does not include OSIsoft client software such as PI ProcessBook and PI DataLink.)

    PI System Directory has two components:
    • PI System Directory Publisher should be installed on every computer for which you wish to collect inventory information.
    PI System Directory Publisher collects inventory information for OSIsoft Server products like PI Data Archive, PI AF, PI Vision, etc., as well as for data collection products like PI Interfaces and PI Connectors. Once installed, PI System Directory Publisher detects all OSIsoft software running on that computer and reports that information to the PI System Directory server. In the future, PI System Health* will rely on PI System Directory Publisher to understand what software is installed and thus what software to monitor.

    • PI System Directory Server should be installed once for your entire PI System.
    The directory server is the repository for all the information reported by its corresponding PI System Directory Publishers. It consolidates the information and presents it as a web page, where an administrator can organize and label computers and software components. The administrator can also use this inventory information to help plan for upgrades as all the software versions, names, and computer information are collected. The web page includes filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for and also supports the ability to export data to a CSV file.

    To learn more about PI System Directory, please consult the PI System Directory Administrator Guide. You can also refer to our public road map to learn more about the planned release schedule for both PI System Directory and PI System Health.
    * PI System Health is a new web application currently under development. This will allow customers to see the health status of their Enterprise PI System from a single screen, support drill-down to view health incidents for OSIsoft software components, provide some light guidance to resolve those issues, and support the ability for administrators to subscribe to notifications for health incidents that occur. This new software is planned for release in 2019. It will leverage PI System Directory to determine what software to monitor.