• PI Integrator for Business Analytics Overview

  • PI Integrator for Business Analytics presents PI System data perfectly suited to business intelligence tools including but not limited to Tableau, Tibco Spotfire, QlikView, and Microsoft Power BI for reporting and analytics. Business Intelligence (BI) client tools offer the ability to run retrospective analyses on a much larger set of your real-time PI System data. BI helps you learn from operational behaviors and patterns, identifying dependencies and correlations of various factors within your operations.

    Native time series data, asset context, and event context are exposed through web-configured PI Views and can be accessed using a standard ODBC connection. Data are perfectly dimensionally modeled, cleansed, and presented with appropriate metadata so that BI tools can properly browse, query, and consume PI System data seamlessly. Data can also be directly integrated and loaded into data warehouse platforms. PI Integrator for Business Analytics eliminates the need for programming or SQL expertise and manages the complete data lifecycle, including access, updates, and data provenance.

    PI Integrator for Business Analytics requires a PI Asset Framework (PI AF) model to select PI System data to produce decision-ready data. The data can be cleansed using a variety of filters and enhanced with asset, event, and time context from the PI System. The resultant PI Views are immediately usable in BI tools without further modification.