Edge Data Store

Edge Data Store (EDS) is industrial IoT software. It lets you collect, store, and access operations data from remote assets in harsh environments. Or from legacy assets with limited diagnostic capabilities. EDS helps industrial organizations run safer and smarter with expanded access to data from previously stranded assets.

How EDS works

EDS provides lightweight data input, storage, and output. Get access to the hard-to-capture data you've always wanted.

  • Configure out-of-the-box connectivity

    Connect to common industrial protocols or create custom connectivity with the easy-to-use OSIsoft Message Format specification.

  • Store data locally

    Protect your data even if you lose connectivity for days at a time.

  • Deploy edge diagnostics and applications

    Easily access locally stored data to create custom diagnostic or edge analytics applications. Empower field operators to make on-the-spot decisions.

  • Send data to the cloud or your PI Server for a holistic view

    Send edge data natively to AVEVA Data Hub (formerly OSIsoft Cloud Services) or PI Server for long-term storage. Give engineers and managers visibility into end-to-end operations. With EDS, it’s “easy come, easy go”—in a good way.

Diagram of OSIsoft Edge Data Store

Edge Data Store capabilities

  • Visibility into remote assets

    Sometimes assets are located in environments that are too rough or too remote for traditional computers. EDS provides rugged data collection, storage, and forwarding to give you visibility into these hard-to-reach-assets. Protect employees by reducing the need for manual, in-person inspections. Increase operational efficiency while minimizing the cost and effort of edge data management.

  • Persistent local storage
    No connectivity? No problem. With persistent local storage, EDS can keep collecting and storing data even in environments with intermittent connectivity or extended outages. Send EDS data to PI Server or AVEVA Data Hub for permanent storage once the connection is restored. Even days later.

  • Real-time intelligence at the edge
    Empower operators at the edge with real-time data. No need to wait for queries from a central data repository. REST APIs pull data from EDS into local visualization tools or custom applications that help field engineers make fast, data-driven decisions. Protect assets. Reduce downtime.

  • Maximum flexibility for IIoT network architectures
    EDS improves visibility for not only remote assets, but also any sensor or device outside your primary control network. Companies can now create a two-tier network architecture that gathers control data in PI Server and gathers IIoT data in EDS. Data from this segmented network is natively integrated into PI Server or AVEVA Data Hub for end-to-end holistic visibility. No need for cumbersome VPNs.

  • Retrofit legacy assets for smarter maintenance
    Legacy assets continue to run in the field. But their on-board electronics are often too old to support cutting-edge diagnostic and edge analytics. By installing EDS on a low-cost IIoT gateway, you can breathe new life into legacy assets. Deploy diagnostic and maintenance applications. Conduct repairs only when they are needed. Minimize downtime and business disruptions.

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Product Brief

EDS: simple, lightweight edge software for delivering real-time operations data


An edge-to-cloud IIoT solution for remote asset monitoring using smart sensors

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