PI Edge

Valuable data is often stranded outside your control network. PI Edge technology collects real-time data from remote assets and IIoT devices for intelligence that spans your entire operation.

PI Edge benefits

Data collection in rain or shine.

  • Lightweight software for remote locations

    Deploy on low-cost, rugged devices, running either Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems, in areas without IT support.

  • Insight across distributed operations

    Retrieve and enhance data outside your control network for insight into distributed operations.

  • IIoT ready

    Send data in its native format to the cloud or on-premises servers for additional analysis.

  • Asset-monitoring capabilities

    Embed data collection directly into equipment. Create remote asset monitoring services.

PI Edge technologies

  • Edge Data Store (EDS)

    EDS collects, stores, and forwards operations data from remote assets and sensor-enabled devices located outside the traditional control network. EDS gives you access to data from remote environments with intermittent network connectivity or conditions that are too harsh for typical PCs.

    EDS offers short-term data storage and programmatic data access to support edge analytics and applications that provide immediate operations insights to field operators.

    EDS runs on small, lightweight devices like industrial IoT gateways and single board computers like Raspberry Pi.  Get maximum flexibility to retrofit legacy assets or to leverage a two-tier network architecture. EDS is a cost-effective solution for collecting sensor data from hundreds or thousands of sensor-enabled devices.  

  • PI Adapters

    An even thinner software product for edge data collection, without the storage and programmatic access of EDS. PI Adapters can route edge data to your on-premises PI Server’s Data Archive or to OCS, the PI System’s cloud-based data management service.

Built to meet your needs

Whether at the core of your operations, in remote locations, or from a web-browser anywhere in the world, the PI System goes where your company goes. Explore our data management solutions on-premises, at the edge and in the cloud.

PI Core

Collect real-time data streams to create a single system of record. Cleanse, store, enhance, and organize raw data. Give users self-service data visualization tools. Identify anomalies and send alerts.

PI Cloud

Consolidate operations data with our scalable, cloud-native platform: AVEVA Data Hub. Share data securely with trusted users, applications, and analysis tools.

PI Edge

Expand your view of operations to include remote assets. Deploy on small, low-cost devices built for rugged conditions and intermittent connectivity.

Developer technologies

Develop custom applications on top of the PI System. Integrate PI System data with other business systems, custom applications, reporting and analytics platforms, web portals, and maintenance systems.

Let’s work together

We’ve been delivering reliable data for over 40 years. In fact, 24 of our first 25 customers still use our platform. Let us know how we can help you.

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