Data visualization

It’s easier to manage what you can see. Bring operations data to life with easy-to-use visualization tools. Get data into the hands of operators, engineers, analysts, and reporting teams across your organization.

Why PI DataLink and PI Vision

Lower the cost of curiosity. Give your experts the right tools and empower them to find savings and improvement opportunities.

  • Enjoy instant self-service access

    Create powerful monitoring displays and reusable reports with a user-friendly interface. No more SQL queries, no more IT tickets. Our rich library of on-demand learning videos will give you a head start.

  • Easily create consistent views

    Build a single display or report—then reuse it across hundreds of assets spread over multiple sites. With native access to Asset Framework, our visualization tools let you switch views between, say Pump 11 and Pump 8, on the fly.

  • Empower your team

    Make every KPI, event, and batch summary report configured in PI Server readily accessible by all users in their tools of choice. Maximize institutional knowledge with a single source of truth and easy ways to use it.

diagram of the PI System visualization

Tables or trends? The choice is yours.

  • PI DataLink

    PI DataLink, an add-in to Microsoft Excel, lets you quickly add your critical operations data to spreadsheets.

    Easily normalize your report to five minute readings. Compare durations of various phases within a batch process. Use your favorite Excel tricks like using a cell reference to specify the report date as =TODAY(), and automatically get today’s operations data every time you open that report. Configure your reporting preferences with a few clicks, and PI DataLink takes care of the rest.

  • PI Vision

    Create powerful monitoring displays in minutes with PI Vision’s intuitive drag-and-drop tools.

    Collaborate and share displays with just a hyperlink. Access data from the field, on any device. PI Vision’s browser-based interface means you can forget about installing and maintaining software locally. Ensure only the right people access your valuable data, thanks to Windows Active Directory integration.

    PI Vision replaces PI ProcessBook, bringing forward your ability to create rich process monitoring displays, now in a convenient, modern environment.

See how better data visibility improves operations 

Oil & Gas

TC Energy used PI Vision and Asset Framework to bring operations data to life 

general atomics manufacturing airplane
Discrete Manufacturing

General Atomics harvests, displays, and shares data in an easy, intuitive way

energy boxes
Discrete Manufacturing

UniEnergy Technologies uses PI DataLink to monitor the health of MW scale battery installations

hydroelectric plant
Power Generation

A2A exposes hydroelectric plant data for mobile, real-time asset monitoring 

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What is PI Vision?


Barrick Gold uses PI Vision and PI DataLink to investigate compliance alerts and simplify reporting 


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