PI Server

PI Server is the real-time data storage, normalization, analytics, and notification engine at the heart of PI Core.

How PI Server works

Start with high-fidelity data storage. End with the insights you need to make better decisions.

visual chart of how the pi server works through asset framework to notifications

PI Server features

  • Data Archive

    Store millions of data streams for years or even decades. Maintain the full original fidelity of your valuable data—down to fractions of a second.

    As the time-series database for PI Server, Data Archive stores and retrieves sensor-based measurements. Need to track pressure, temperature, flow rate, and more? Forget about opening a ticket with IT or waiting hours for a query to run. PI Server keeps your valuable data online for immediate, real-time retrieval and visualization—whenever you need it.

  • Asset Framework

    See the big picture. Asset Framework (AF) lets you add context to raw data streams. Attach descriptive labels: for example, you might mark an individual tag or data stream as a “flow rate,” “temperature,” or “vibration.” AF attributes let you use natural language to search for the specific information you need. With AF, your data will make sense to users across your enterprise—not just SCADA experts.

    AF also supports asset hierarchies. That means you can group all data related to a particular asset and collect multiple assets for a certain site. Think of AF as a convenient way to organize data intuitively and enable drill-down analyses. Customizing hierarchies to suit your individual organization’s needs is easy.

    And it’s not just for data from Data Archive. AF can even be applied to data outside the PI System. For example, you can reference asset data from external systems such as maintenance databases or ERP systems—without duplicating data—so there’s always a single source of truth. Your users across the organization get a one-stop-shop for all asset information. System administrators enjoy peace of mind, knowing permissions are maintained securely and centrally.

  • Event Frames

    Find the minute that matters in a decade’s worth of data with Event Frames. Event Frames let you pinpoint key events such as a deviation in processing, a new phase in a batch process, or a shift change. You can then analyze data from these events and quickly compare them to similar events. This information helps you to perform root cause analysis, ensure consistency, and replicate best practices throughout your enterprise.

    PI Server’s Event Frames are tailor-made for operations because you can trigger data collection based on process data thresholds and other KPIs. And setting up an event frame in the PI Server is easy. It doesn’t require programming skills or database expertise. The syntax can be as simple as pump efficiency < 75 percent.

  • Notifications

    Detecting and quickly responding to deviations in operations is critical. Often millions of dollars–and lives–are on the line. PI Server’s Notifications build upon Event Frames to send an immediate alert when a threshold has been met. And in case recipients don’t see the alert, Notifications can also activate a back-up plan. Eliminate tedious monitoring. Get notified only when critical events occur.

    Notifications can include summary statistics and links to troubleshooting displays, response playbooks, and more. With Notifications, you can give engineers the information they need to solve a problem, fast.

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