Real-time data collection

Connecting to new operations data sources is easier, faster, and more secure than ever before. We automate collection of real-time, time-series data from hundreds of protocols, systems, IIoT gateways, and legacy equipment.

What sets our connectivity apart?

Robust connectivity technology for secure and reliable data collection from any operational data source.

  • Connect to any operations data source

    Choose from a rich set of off-the-shelf products to pull time-series data from hundreds of different vendor systems, assets, and sensors. Whether it’s the latest IIoT device or a legacy system, we can connect.

  • Monitor remote assets

    Collect data from remote assets previously isolated due to harsh conditions or poor network connectivity. Minimize the cost and safety risk of manual, in-person inspections.

  • Add to the largest body of operations data

    The PI System has collected over two billion data streams. When you add new devices or sensors, that data isn’t siloed. Your data is available in a robust data management and delivery platform so that you can immediately augment and use it alongside existing datasets.

diagram of the PI Sytem, highlighting data collection

Data collection technologies

Gather operations data with total security, fast performance, and no-code manageability, regardless of device, communication protocol, language, data frequency, delivery speed, or format. Our growing portfolio of data collection technologies can be installed in minutes and is optimized for real-time time-series data.

  • PI Adapters

    Access data previously isolated on remote assets or in secondary networks. Run lightweight PI Adapters on small-footprint Linux or Windows devices to pull real-time data from IIoT gateways and sensor-enabled equipment. Natively route data to EDS for additional edge applications, to your on-premises PI Server, or to AVEVA Data Hub (formerly OSIsoft Cloud Services), our cloud-hosted database platform-as-a-service for full edge-to-cloud connectivity.

  • PI Connectors

    Streamline the configuration process. PI Connectors scan data sources and begin sending data with minimal set-up. Automatically create relevant asset hierarchies. PI Connectors offer a unified administration experience to enable remote management.

  • PI Interfaces

    We have over 225 standard PI Interfaces to help you connect to control systems, SCADA, PLC, lab and other business information systems. PI Interfaces deliver real-time, fault-tolerant data to the PI Server.

  • Custom connectivity

    In addition to off-the-shelf connectivity to hundreds of devices and systems, we also provide you tools to develop custom connectivity with OSIsoft Message Format (OMF). For more information, check out our developer technologies.

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