OSIsoft Cloud Services

OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS) provides edge-to-cloud data visibility for industrial operations.

How OCS works

Data sharing drives operations data science, application integration, and real-time collaboration. With OCS, the sky (well, cloud) is the limit.

  • Store high-fidelity operations data 

    Unify data from disparate sources, including on-premises systems (stored in PI Server) as well as remote or IIoT assets (stored in Edge Data Store).

  • Shape and label data

    Transform raw data streams into neat row-column formatted views, ready for consumption by traditional analytics tools.

  • See trends and summary statistics online, anytime

    Get on the same page, quickly. Share trends with colleagues outside of operations by simply sending them a hyperlink.

  • Securely share with systems, partners and more

    Use powerful REST APIs to provide operations data to partners, service providers, machine learning algorithms, or corporate applications and reports. All from a secure environment that protects the core of your operations.

OSIsoft Cloud Services OCS Diagram

OCS benefits

  • Built for operations

    OCS makes it easy to move data from plant to cloud. If you have a PI Server today, you’re only a few clicks away from being in the cloud. Data stays fresh and current without intervention. No cobbling together of components. OCS is ready to use, designed to handle the quirks of operations data, even if it arrives out of order or after a connectivity outage.

  • Smarter, more secure data sharing 

    Connect operations data to the cloud for flexible, secure data sharing within your organization, across locations, and even with external partners. Spot anomalies and share trends with others for real-time collaboration.

  • Tap into a data goldmine

    PI Server and Edge Data Store natively integrate with OCS. OCS scales to collect all of your onsite PI Server's data and edge data. Easily collect data from remote and rugged environments for full edge-to-cloud visibility. Create a single source of operations data for all queries to power corporate reports and applications.

  • Leave the management to us

    Spend less time worrying about updates and more time doing what matters. We take care of all OCS software maintenance and updates. Nothing to install, nothing to maintain. 

  • Only pay for what you use

    OCS charges are based solely on the monthly average of data streams you access, so you can scale up or down as your needs vary. It's that simple.

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