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08 Apr, 2019

Petuum Showcases Industrial AI Product Suite at PI World 2019

Announces strategic global partnership with OSIsoft and integrations with multiple PI system products including OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS)

Sunnyvale, CA and Pittsburgh, PA (April 8, 2019) - Petuum today announced the Petuum Industrial AI Autopilot product is being unveiled at PI World San Francisco 2019. The Petuum Industrial AI product suite enables complex manufacturing operations to achieve higher optima with artificial intelligence (AI)-based modules that continuously learn, adapt and drive consistently better business results. It leverages diverse sets of operational data from multiple sources for precise predictions, optimal prescriptions and offers a supervised “autosteer” mode for entire end-to-end processes to best align with operating objectives. Delivered as a service, the Petuum Industrial AI Autopilot brings new levels of automation and acumen to difficult manufacturing problems that traditional techniques have failed to solve adequately.

Petuum also announced a global strategic partnership with OSIsoft, the market-leading provider of decision-ready data infrastructure that transforms the data generated by sensors, devices and industrial processes into rich, real-time insights to help people save money, increase productivity or create connected products and services. The Petuum Industrial AI Autopilot product is integrated with OSIsoft at the edge, on premises and in the cloud for bi-directional connectivity with operational data from the PI System to “auto-steer” a full set of manufacturing assets, processes and operational excellence initiatives.

Petuum Industrial AI is integrated with OSIsoft's PI Web API, PI connectors and interfaces, PI Vision, PI Asset Framework and Asset Analytics and through OSIsoft Cloud connect to enable real-time inference and learning on streaming data.

“Manufacturers understand the value and impact operational data can have. The challenge is creating an architecture that allows them to get the most out of it,” said Chris Nelson, Vice President of Software Development at OSIsoft. ”The combination of Petuum Industrial AI and OSIsoft Cloud Services is well-positioned to drive the intelligence and automation that drive new levels of productivity, efficiency and sustainability for the industrial value chain.”

“Operationalizing AI solutions requires a modern data infrastructure that delivers intelligence to the industrial community where it is needed,” said Prabal Acharyya, Head of Industrial Vertical at Petuum.” We were recently able to demonstrate the tremendous value that artificial intelligence can bring to manufacturing enterprises, with deep collaboration from OSIsoft, that allowed us to standardize global deployments and accelerate delivery. Our upcoming integration with OSIsoft Cloud Services will help customers gain the advantages of AI even faster.”

Petuum at PI World 2019

Petuum, a platinum sponsor of PI World 2019, will be presenting its product suite in action at PI World with CEMEX, a global building materials company, on Wednesday, April 10 from 9 to 9:30 am in the Metals & Mining industry track and also in private sessions. Earlier in March, Petuum announced that the Petuum Industrial AI Autopilot product for cement plant operations are being deployed at select CEMEX USA and Mexico plants and will continue to be rolled out in 2019. The joint Petuum and CEMEX team has achieved a cruise-control-like supervised “autosteer mode,” where the AI Autopilot could run operations with full engage/disengage control available to the operator.

Join Petuum at PiWorld to learn more about the Petuum Industrial AI Autopilot product suite.

About Petuum

Petuum is the leading provider of innovative industry solutions, built using the most advanced artificial intelligence technology and talent. These solutions harness skill and resource-intensive artificial intelligence techniques, that have been out of reach for most businesses, and make them accessible in a simple, cost-effective manner. Petuum's industry-specific solutions combine powerful technology, world-class talent and domain-specific knowledge to solve complex real-world challenges, that traditional techniques have failed to solve. These are operationalized by world class scientists and subject matter experts, on the Petuum Symphony platform, which delivers distributed and parallelized data processing as well as machine learning and deep learning workflows, at scale in every environment.

About OSIsoft

OSIsoft is dedicated to helping people transform their world through data. The company's PI System is a data infrastructure for critical operations that turns operations data into rich, real-time insight for improving productivity, reducing cost and developing new services. Over 1,000 leading utilities, 80 percent of the largest oil and gas companies and more than 65 percent of the Fortune 500 industrial companies rely on the PI System to get the most out of their businesses. Worldwide, the PI System manages over 2 billion data streams. To learn more, please visit

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