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13 Sep, 2017

OSIsoft Signs Enterprise Agreement with Shell for Worldwide Operation

Agreement Enables Shell to Move to a Group-Wide Data infrastructure

SAN LEANDRO, CA - Shell Information Technology International BV., has entered into an Enterprise Agreement with OSIsoft LLC, a leader in operational intelligence. This agreement allows Shell to deploy PI System software across Shell's global operations which will help Shell streamline IT, conduct advanced analytics and develop new digital services.

The program will track "tags" or data streams with OSIsoft's PI System and deploy select OSIsoft software across business groups.

"Data and digital technologies will play an increasingly important role in the oil & gas industry for maximizing capital investments, reducing downtime and helping companies meet their commitments to shareholders and customers," said Martin Otterson, Senior Vice President of Customers Success at OSIsoft.

Shell currently monitors over 7.5 million instruments with the PI System and conducts approximately 100,000 calculations per minute with data captured and shaped by the systems within select business groups. The PI Systems are also the data engine for 30,000 reports and 40,000 displays daily.

Removing Barriers to Data Insights

OSIsoft's offerings help customers remove organizational and purchasing barriers to facilitate companies delivering a data-driven culture for digital transformation.

OSIsoft also collaborates with customers on training programs and developing use case scenarios getting the most out of their PI System.

OSIsoft places premium on creating a unified data infrastructure that provides any authorized employee or partner rapid and comprehensive insight into any device or application at any time. With a data infrastructure, supply chain managers could monitor pricing, shipping, and production in real-time to optimize deliveries and lower costs or analyze long-term traffic patterns at select depots to postpone capital investments.

"Think of operational data as the Rosetta Stone of digital transformation: that vast store of information holds the key to improving connectivity or developing new products. We've just begun to scratch the surface on what can accomplished," said Otterson. "We help companies to track and analyze more data. They don't have to worry about the number of tags. More data will mean more and better insights."


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