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13 Mar, 2020

OSIsoft's Response to COVID-19

OSIsoft announced that it has implemented a work-from-home directive for its employees.

San Leandro, CA - OSIsoft, LLC, announced that it has implemented a work-from-home directive for its employees, as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. In addition, the company has put health, safety and travel guidelines in place for its global employee base. PI World San Francisco 2020 will not be held this month to eliminate the risk that large gatherings pose at this time.

The company's technical support, training and services continue to operate at their regular cadence, while shifting many of its on-site services to be conducted online. “We continue to execute with a focus on high quality technical support and services,” remarked Kimthu Doan, senior vice president of customer success.

At this time OSIsoft is not aware of any employee or office visitor as testing positive for or being exposed to COVID-19, but the company wants to be proactive and take all measures to ensure the safety of their employees. The OSIsoft executive team has established a COVID-19 corporate response team as well as regional response teams to ensure safety and continuity.

OSIsoft will continue to follow updates and recommendations suggested by the Centers for Disease Control, local Departments of Public Health and the World Health Organization to ensure a safe environment for employees, customers and the communities where OSIsoft offices are located.

For more information on the cancellation of PI World San Francisco 2020 please visit the FAQ webpage at For the latest COVID-19 updates for OSIsoft's customers, partners, and vendors, please visit

To receive the latest medical information on COVID-19, please visit the websites of WHO and the CDC.

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