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24 Feb, 2016

OSIsoft, Esri Software Selected by US Army Corps of Engineers for Automated Energy Management

USACE contracts Spectrum Solutions services provider to use OSIsoft and ESRI software for Energy Information Management Program

WASHINGTON - February 24, 2016 - The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has awarded the $6 million Wide Area Visualization Environment (WAVE) contract to energy services provider Spectrum Solutions. Spectrum Solutions will implement the WAVE Energy Information Management (EIM) system using software from OSIsoft, the global leader enabling operational intelligence, and Esri, a geospatial technology pioneer, to provide historical and real-time energy intelligence. The WAVE project will combine OSIsoft's PI System , the PI Integrator for ESRI ArcGIS and Esri ArcGIS geospatial information system (GIS platform) for situational awareness.

The USACE EIM program provides a comprehensive, holistic and integrated energy map, affording managers at all levels the capability to monitor and manage energy systems, consumption, conservation measures and behavior changes to meet the Department of Defense's goals. EIM benefits garrisons, or military facilities, with a compliant energy management visualization environment with a single consolidated database for monitoring and reporting.

OSIsoft's COTS PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS will be used to collect real-time energy consumption and asset performance data from geographically dispersed assets. The data is then transmitted via Esri's GeoEvent Extensions software, so that the customer views this real-time data on Esri maps and operations dashboards. The customer can take immediate action when an unexpected event occurs or an asset is consuming more energy than planned. By bringing space and time data together, both time-series and spatial analytics can also be used, further leveraging the data collected.

"By leveraging Esri and OSIsoft technology, Spectrum and the USACE can provide energy managers with real-time, situational awareness in both time and space of their assets," said Stephen Bates, OSIsoft Director for Advanced Analytics. “Our goal is to help these managers meet energy reporting requirements, cybersecurity, accreditation and data sharing across the Army enterprise.”


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