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07 May, 2020

Okinawa Electric Deploys OSIsoft’s PI System to Launch Its Digital Transformation Journey

Okinawa Electric and OSIsoft signed an Enterprise Agreement (EA) and deployed the PI System at the Yoshinoura Thermal Power Plant.

San Leandro, Calif. and Okinawa, Japan - The Okinawa Electric Power Company, Inc. (Okinawa Electric) and OSIsoft LLC, a global leader in operational intelligence, announced they have successfully deployed OSIsoft's PI System at the Yoshinoura Thermal Power Plant, one of Okinawa Electric's key power plants, to accelerate the company's digital transformation.

Okinawa Electric began investigating real-time operational data solutions in 2016 to drive its IoT initiative for advanced thermal power operations. The company chose the PI System as its enterprise-wide data infrastructure to improve operations across its plants by achieving 360-degree, real-time visibility into its critical assets and processes. Okinawa Electric and OSIsoft signed an Enterprise Agreement (EA) in 2019 and deployed the PI System at the Yoshinoura Thermal Power Plant in March 2020.

“With the PI System, we can now manage enormous amounts of operational data on a common platform, enabling us to monitor power plants in real time, understand correlations between the data, and operate in a more advanced manner based on data-driven insights. The PI System allows us to improve operational efficiency and reporting by automating data collection and calculations,” said Hiraku Nakahodo, Deputy Division Manager of Power Generation Division at Okinawa Electric. “We plan to leverage operational data to achieve early anomaly detection, improve asset availability and efficiency, and optimize asset management to further enhance performance and safety at our plants.”

Okinawa Electric and OSIsoft will continue to work together to maximize value from the PI System at the Yoshinoura Thermal Power Plant. The companies plan to expand the use of OSIsoft's real-time data infrastructure to Gushikawa Thermal Power Plant and Kin Thermal Power Plant by the end of 2020 to help Okinawa Electric achieve its digital transformation goals.

“Our new relationship aligns our products and services with Okinawa Electric's value creation goals. OSIsoft's mission is to enable organizations to unlock the potential of their operational data, accelerating their journey towards true digital transformation. We look forward to working with such a respected and forward thinking Japanese electric utility to help them achieve their business goals through intelligent operations,” said David Thomason, Industry Principal of Global Power Generation.

About the Okinawa Electric Power Company, Inc.

The Okinawa Electric Power Company, Inc. (OEPC) supplies power throughout Okinawa Prefecture, situated at the southwestern tip of Japan. With a population of 1.4 million, Okinawa is the only part of Japan with a subtropical climate, ensuring that it stays sunny and warm all year round. The prefecture is surrounded by emerald-green seas containing colorful coral reefs, making it one of the country's leading holiday destinations. As a comprehensive energy supplier and a key service provider for all of its customers, the OEPC Group makes every effort to effectively manage, maintain and guarantee the safety of its supply facilities, based on its core corporate mission of ensuring stable energy supplies. The Group is also dedicated to building relationships of trust with all of its stakeholders by improving customer satisfaction, contributing to the local community and ensuring environmentally friendly business activities.

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About OSIsoft, LLC.

OSIsoft is a global leader in real-time operational data and intelligence. Now in its 40th year, OSIsoft's flagship PI System is used by over 2,000 companies, across 14,000 sites in 127 countries, serving utility markets, life sciences, oil and gas, food and beverage, manufacturing, and other critical industries. Worldwide, over 2 billion sensor-based data streams are managed by the PI System.

The PI System is a system of record for operational data. It delivers real-time streaming data, instantly contextualized around assets, system, and plants so that insights are immediately usable by people, applications, and AI/ML platforms. Spanning edge, on-premises, and scalable cloud deployment models, the PI System enables individuals across an organization - from remote field technicians, to plant managers, to enterprise data science teams - to quickly obtain real-time insights into operations.

OSIsoft is headquartered in San Leandro, California, U.S.A, with offices around the world.

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