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28 Jan, 2020

Artemis Energy Services and OSIsoft Announce Partnership to Revolutionize the Grid through Blockchain

The companies will work together to securely track, trace, and trade energy using blockchain technologies to optimize the electric grid.

San Leandro, CA - Artemis Energy Services, a subsidiary of the woman-owned Artemis Technology Group, and OSIsoft LLC, the leader in operational intelligence and enterprise infrastructure with over two billion data streams, announced their partnership to securely track, trace, and trade energy while optimizing the electric grid.

Today, all markets need to create transparency and significantly simplify settlement and compliance. Developed in partnership between OSIsoft and Artemis Energy Services, the blockchain solution can interact with real-time data and will create an entirely new marketplace that has the capability to serve both a single individual as well as the complex regulatory and operational authorities that govern and manage these markets.

The strategic deployment of an existing software platform, which is designed to manage grid edge resources such as privately owned renewables, in partnership with the Artemis Transaction Engine, will lead to a field-proven 20% increase in overall grid efficiency and utilization. This efficiency gain will reduce the need for new fossil-based energy sources and utility grid system upgrades.

As the great Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed, “It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.” The Artemis Energy Services and the OSIsoft team are stepping up to the challenge and creating a better energy future.

“The mission of Artemis Energy Services is to enable the efficient integration, operation, and transactional management of distributed energy resources to reduce utility costs to customers, while we continue to green our energy portfolios,” said Amanda Martinez, CEO and Co-Founder of Artemis Energy Services. “Our partnership with OSIsoft allows us to build upon the excellent foundation of operational data they've built over the last 40 years and enable these data streams into a new future of digital energy in a secure and transparent market system.”

“It is my pleasure to announce that the Artemis Transaction Engine will be integrating with the OSIsoft PI System to bring the future of the digital energy market to life,” said Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, CEO and founder of OSIsoft. “Data transparency and security is vitally important, and leveraging blockchain technology allows us to provide our customers with the tools they need to participate in this ever-changing energy landscape.”

About Artemis Energy Services

Artemis Energy Services, a subsidiary of woman owned Artemis Technology Group, is dedicated to changing the way the world tracks, traces and trades energy. Through leveraging the technology of blockchain, Artemis ES is able to provide the secure and transparent operation needed to meet current and future market demands. Founded in 2019, Artemis Energy Services is a privately-held company, headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, U.S.A.

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