by Contac Ingenieros Ltda

Pattern-based advanced analytics for operational and asset variables and events.

Solution Overview

Understanding the past, present and predictable future behavior of plant and asset operations allow for more timely and focused decisions and actions. However, many businesses limit the application of operational data to immediate visualization and reporting needs. How can you make the leap from your current practices to take advantage of more advanced analytics? You must understand the past for continuous improvement, enhance real-time data with pattern analysis, and evaluate future behavior and risks. SCAN by CONTAC is a PI System-powered technology that embeds process and asset knowledge within Asset Framework (AF) for greater benefits and deeper insights.

SCAN embeds behavioral knowledge of processes and assets within Asset Framework (AF) to enable automated coordination, alerts, and trigger actions within operational support systems. Operational data can then help businesses discover and model underlying cause-effect relationships, estimate the future behavior of the plant and asset operations, set up intelligent KPIs, and receive early alerts for process deviations and asset failures.

Solution Approach

SCAN by CONTAC is fully integrated with OSIsoft technology and makes extensive use of Asset Framework (AF) modeling and calculation management. Visualization reports and dashboards can be implemented using standard OSIsoft tools, such as PI ProcessBook, PI DataLink, and PI Coresight as well as third party tools. SCAN can be installed at the client site or provided as a remote service. Services cover everything from training to post-implementation and evolutionary development support.



  • Offline analysis for pattern identification, cause-effect relationships, and correlations
  • On-line analysis for the early identification of sub-standard conditions and failures
  • Evaluation of control systems


  • SCAPR, Advanced analytics for actionable knowledge discovering
  • Intelligent KPIs and alerts
  • Insight and focus, the next level of the information systems
  • Knowledge managed as a company asset

Solution Type

Process Optimization, Visualization


  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Mining, Metallurgy & Material
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes, Evaluate Quality


Applications for the PI System