j5 IndustraForm® Templates

by Hexagon

Transform Troublesome Paper, Forms and Spreadsheets Into Enterprise Level Applications - Patent Pending

Solution Overview

Safe process industry operations require close collaboration between different people and departments. The completion and submission of forms is a key part of this. Many organisations have replaced, or are replacing, paper forms electronically and one of the common approaches involves the use of spreadsheets or word processors. In this context, there is often a spreadsheet or word processor file that is used as a template form, and new copies are created whenever fresh data is entered (for example, at the start of a new shift). These files are then shared over email or stored in inconsistent folders and document management systems resulting in scattered and unconnected data, leading to enterprise form chaos. To solve these problems, companies are implementing j5 IndustraForm Templates, allowing them to transform paper, forms and spreadsheets into enterprise level applications.

j5 IndustraForm Templates enable the replacment of troublesome spreadsheets and paper forms with structured, enterprise-wide applications on a single, web-based user interface. Uses include batch management, standard operating procedures, tank movements, ship unloading, pipeline management, daily target management, shift handover, work requests, plant upsets etc. j5 IndustraForm Templates save time on routine tasks, makes information available to a wider audience, improves information accuracy, improves decision-making and helps to ensure that consistent work processes are applied.

Solution Approach

Client-side: Any authorized user can access a j5 IndustraForm® Template from standard web browsers (Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) with a network connection to the central server. No other client-side software is required. Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications are also available, allowing syncing between the control room and field operations. Central Server: j5 IndustraForm Templates require a central application server running Windows Server 2012+ and a SQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL database. A hosted or virtual machine is also feasible for the central server. j5 IndustraForm Templates Configuration: Takes place within the j5 IndustraForm Designer, a Windows desktop application. Spreadsheets or other forms are copied and pasted into the j5 IndustraForm Designer and configured. j5 IndustraForm Templae technology supports a spectrum of spreadsheet, workflow and data integration features that enable new j5 Applications to be created quickly and easily without the need for programming services. PI System Integration: j5 Operations Management Software offers a standard interface with the PI System for the integration of real-time and historical data, assets and event frames. This data can be used for reports, log entries, calculations and workflows.



  • Embed Workflow to Ensure Correct Procedures Are Carried Out
  • View Plant Status Information Instantly with Tight Interfaces to External Systems such as the OSIsoft PI System
  • Capture Richer Data with Extensive Field Types
  • Transform Troublesome Paper, Forms and Spreadsheets Into Enterprise Level Applications - Patent Pending


  • Human Process Workflows with Real-time Data Integration
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-use, Browser User Interface with Consistent Formats and Structure
  • Create Safe Version-Controlled Forms with the Intuitive Spreadsheet-based j5 IndustraForm Designer
  • Convert Paper / Spreadsheets / Scattered Databases Into Enterprise-wide Applications

PI System Requirements

PI System version 3.4.390 or later, PSA Server

Solution Type

Asset Management, Condition Based Maintenance, Data Aggregation, Data Collection, Downtime Tracking, Environmental Compliance, Event/Batch Analysis, MES, Process Optimization, Safety Compliance, Visualization


  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Mining, Metallurgy & Material
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Data Center
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Engineering Services
  • Facilities
  • Food & Beverages
  • Government
  • Hospital & Medical
  • Information Technology

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes, Evaluate Quality, Increase Asset Health & Uptime, Manage Risk & Regulatory, Advance Safety Performances


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