Intelligent Plant Well Intelligence

by Intelligent Plant Ltd

Optimise your choke positions to gain more production without any complex modelling.

Solution Overview

Optimise your choke positions to gain more production without any complex modelling. Network learns from historical and future data to make a model of the whole system; the reservoir, well, risers, separators etc. This allows optimal settings to be derived from all previous interactions. A Monte Carlo simulation is then used to find the optimal settings for each well individually or all wells in the system together.

Forget setting up a major project to configure, model and analyse all your production infrastructure. Well Intelligence will be up and running 5 minutes after opening the box. Using Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store means there are no servers to setup and install on your network. Get connected, get analysing, and get results - fast! Up to 5% production gain is highly probable.

Solution Approach

To implement Well Intelligence, all that is required is a download and install of App Store Connect to enable communications between the PI Server and Intelligent Plant's Cloud. All necessary security considerations are dealt with, the customer enabling data access only to specific users as required. Choke position tags and production rate tags are selected; the AI runs, automatically selecting training data, models production output, and advises optimum choke settings within minutes.



  • Choke settings advised individually or as a group.
  • UI allows "what if" scenarios to be evaluated.


  • Up to 5% increased production.
  • Almost no setup required.
  • Tiny onsite footprint - no dedicated server required.

PI System Requirements

PI System version 3.4.390 or later, PI System Access, Asset Framework

Solution Type

Advanced Analytics, Process Optimization


  • Oil & Gas

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes


Applications for the PI System, Managed Service Offering, Solutions - Require Integration, Solutions - Powered by the PI System