by PIPER Solutions SAC

Golden Batch is a solution built for the OSIsoft PI System - designed to help you analyze any Batch process with Event Frames.

Solution Overview

Batch production is a process used in many industries, in which components or goods are produced in groups (batches). Each batch goes through one stage of the production process before moving onto next stage. Some examples of batch production are the manufacture of food & beverages, pharmaceutical ingredients, purifying water, inks, paints, and adhesives, also the chemical desorption of gold from activated carbon. Golden Batch was designed to help analyze your batches using information from the PI System, relational databases and other data sources from your operation in order to find the so-called Golden Batch, being this the ideal batch against which all other batches are compared. The best way to do this is using reports that allow operators and supervisors to receive real-time information about the current batch and allow comparison with the golden batch or any other batch for the shift/day/month.

With Golden Batch, customers get the necessary information about their batches in real time such as the amount of each consumable used, the duration, the differences between the current batch and the golden one. The idea behind this solution is to improve the efficiency, reduce costs, present historical and real-time information that allow operational flaws identification and correction, support a continuous improvement process within the organization with reliable information. Also, identify an ideal model for the batch process where the formulas, the proportions, and all the automation equipment are working in perfect sync and just the right amount of each component are added. The goal of this is when that same batch needs to be run in a different location, every part of the model is understood and can be reproduced to match the ideal setup.

Solution Approach

Golden Batch uses the PI System to gather real-time information about your batch process and associate it with automatically generated event frames. This information could be received from automation systems, text files, relational databases, manual data entry, other data sources or advanced calculations. This solution uses a typical PI System infrastructure, enables PI Datalink reports displaying real time process performance compared to the Golden Batch, also historical information that helps operational users identify the best performance by a period of time, detect anomalies, bring forward operational improvements, improve the process quality. Also, information can be displayed in PI Processbook reports, PI Vision (formerly know as PI Coresight), Power BI. Finally, going further, KPIs calculation could be added and displayed in the form of operational and analytical dashboards



  • Operating Parameters and Consumables Visualization
  • Consumables and Batch monitoring
  • Historical Information, Real-Time Data, On Demand batch comparison
  • Configuration of PI Event Frames Generation/Migration from PI Batch to Event Frames


  • Golden Batch Identification
  • Best model identification to replicate in other processes
  • Efficiency improvement, Cost reduction and Quality reporting
  • Operational flaws identification and reporting

PI System Requirements

PI System 2016, PSA Server

Solution Type

Event/Batch Analysis, Process Optimization


  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Mining, Metallurgy & Material
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes, Evaluate Quality, Improve Energy Efficiencies


Applications for the PI System