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CSE AdaPT allows companies to centrally manage the provisioning and maintenance of data across systems and technologies.

Solution Overview

Today, industrial companies use a variety of technologies to store and analyze the operational data generated by their automation systems in what can be called an automation data pipeline. This pipeline may include operation data infrastructure such as the PI System, ERP systems, industry-specific reporting systems, SCADA, field controllers, communication adapters, etc. The quality of this pipeline is dependent on the consistent configuration of data across all the involved systems. Most organizations use individual manual processes to maintain each system, which is labor intensive and error prone. CSE ADaPT automates this process, thereby reducing the time needed to ensure data quality.

CSE ADaPT was built to keep an organization’s automation data pipeline in sync, which not only results in higher confidence in the validity of operational data, but it also eliminates the time needed to manually correlate data between systems. Additionally, having more accurate operational data allows users to focus on using the data for adding value to the organization. In addition to improving operational data quality, CSE ADaPT reduces the overall time needed to administer systems making up a company’s automation data pipeline. Being able to centrally make changes that propagate to all necessary systems is a key benefit. And because ADaPT is the authority of all changes, it provides auditing capabilities of the automation data pipeline configuration, and consequently, the ability to detect any manual changes made to systems included in the pipeline.

Solution Approach

CSE ADaPT utilizes a customizable architecture that supports most automation data pipeline scenarios. It leverages a web-based architecture for providing the user interface and workflow management. A database backend is used for state management, queuing, and configuration data. A Windows service is provided which utilizes native APIs, including the Asset Framework (AF) SDK, to manage configuration of the pipeline systems, including the configuration of PI tags and templatized AF elements. The following figure demonstrates a sample system architecture where the origin of asset information changes is a web server from which they are propagated using CSE ADaPT to a PI Data Archive, AF Server, Wonderware SCADA system, AutoSol Communications Manager polling engine, Flow-Cal measurement system, and ProCount production accounting system.



  • Automatic creation of PI tags and AF attributes in response to system of record changes
  • Support for synchronization across a variety of OT systems, incl. PI, AF, SCADA, polling engine, and ERP systems
  • Customizable to support the specific needs of customers


  • Eliminate effort required to manually correlate data across OT systems
  • Avoid user confusion caused by data mismatches across OT systems
  • Prevent errors caused by manual replication of data across OT systems

Solution Type

Asset Management


  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes


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