Petuum Inc.

The Petuum Industrial AI product enables optimized and autonomous operations for a variety of assets and processes.


Petuum Industrial AI

The Petuum Industrial AI product provides streaming predictions and prescriptions to optimally achieve multiple business and operational objectives. It enables a supervised autosteer mode where prescriptions are autonomously fed directly into the control system for optimized assets, processes and key initiatives while respecting applicable dynamic and static constraints. Petuum’s cutting edge data processing and advanced AI and ML algorithms make industry 4.0 operations achievable by pushing systems to maximum achievable yields and energy savings without sacrificing quality, costs or sustainability.

Petuum Industrial AI absorbs a variety of data types including time series data, unstructured log data, images and more to learn and deliver precise predictions of hundreds of parameters. Petuum Industrial AI integrates seamlessly with OSIsoft PI Systems and other control systems to make use of your data with the fastest time to value. Petuum can give you business insights in a matter of weeks using pre-built OSIsoft connectivity and integrations.


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