PTC's IoT, AR platform and Apps are field-proven solutions to bring together the physical & digital worlds & reinvent the way you create,operate,and service products.


PTC has the most robust Internet of Things technology in the world. With our leading IoT and AR platform and field-proven solutions we bring together the physical and digital worlds to reinvent the way you create, operate, and service products. With PTC, global manufacturers and an ecosystem of partners and developers can capitalize on the promise of the IoT today and drive the future of innovation. ThingWorx is a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed specifically for IoT, empowering developers to connect, create, and deploy enterprise-ready IoT applications, solutions, and experiences. Implementing a ready-built industrial IoT platform enables developers to easily connect devices and establish connections to related applications, information systems, and operational assets. Its scalable design and future-forward components (like analytics and AR) allow solutions to grow to meet market opportunities. ThingWorx Foundation: This is the heart of the platform and is based on model-driven rapid application design functionality, it eliminates the need for manual coding and provides flexible connectivity options that minimize integration work. ThingWorx Utilities:Device management capability to enable users and developers to define, monitor, manage and optimize the performance of connected products. Designed to quickly develop, deploy and deliver enterprise-ready IoT solutions. Manufacturing Applications: Pre-built applications for the factory floor. ThingWorx Vuforia: Easily create AR experiences for specific objects and enables a composite view of the digital and physical product data, dashboards, and alerts presented jn 2D, 3D and AR without the need to write code. ThingWorx Analytics: Designed to tackle the volume, velocity and challenges of IoT data analysis. It will learn from the past, understand and predict the future and allow the user to made decisions to enhance outcomes. Available to users with simple, intuitive user interfaces with easy to understand information and visualizations. Industrial Connectivity with Kepware: This is the industry's leading connectivity software.



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