National Instruments Company

From daily tasks to grand engineering challenges, NI provides powerful, flexible hardware and software technologies that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery in nearly all industries.


For 40 years, NI has worked with engineers and scientists to provide answers to the most challenging questions. Through these pursuits, NI customers have delivered hundreds of thousands of products to market, overcome innumerable technological roadblocks, and engineered a better life for us all. If you can turn it on, connect it, drive it, or launch it, chances are NI technology helped make it happen. When it comes to innovation, progress is collaborative. Through the work of NI customers, we are seeing the type of societal and technological impact within our lifetimes that would have once been impossible. NI’s platform-based approach—a unified software architecture and modular, programmable hardware—greatly reduces the complexity of today’s smart, connected systems and helps engineers do more, innovate faster, and easily integrate new technologies as they become available. You can’t build systems to solve the challenges of tomorrow based on the infrastructure and standards available today. That’s why NI innovates for the future based on next-generation system architectures, technologies that are not yet finalized, and communication protocols not yet approved to ensure that our customers stay ahead of the technology curve. With these powerful, off-the-shelf NI solutions, engineers and scientists can tailor their systems to meet their needs now and in the future.



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