Mera Development Corporation

With 15+ years of global PI experience, we specialize in designing and implementing innovative solutions to optimize operations and improve performance in a sustainable manner.


Mera has over 15 years of experience implementing the PI toolset globally and have worked with many corporations that have had varied requirements for the PI System. Mera has been very successful in developing strategies that suit the specific client’s needs and has become a leader in the following areas:

  • Designing and Implementing PI Systems: Mera has developed standardized implementation processes to ensure a consistent and reliable infrastructure is available to our clients.
  • Development of Sustainable Solutions: Mera works with our clients to develop standard templates, tags, and graphics in combination with collaborative workflows that address changing business requirements to ensure a sustainable solution.
  • Configuration of Role Specific Visualization: Mera has collaborated with our clients to create role specific views of the operational data in dashboards or collaborative environments to proactively address emerging issues and opportunities.
  • Integration of Enterprise Business Solutions: With the release of PI AF, Mera has integrated data from business solutions - financial, production and maintenance data - in context with real time data to enable our clients to make more timely and informed decisions.
  • Implementing Leading Edge Analytics: Mera has integrated PI data into many “off the shelf”, client specific, analytical solutions. Mera has also worked with custom requests to develop solutions using PI tools.
  • Research and Development: Mera continuously tests new options to utilize the PI System and provides a demonstration site that allows our clients to view innovative options.
  • Training: Mera is proud of our ability to train both administrators and users to more effectively get business value out of their investment in PI. Often the user base increases by orders of magnitude following our training program.
  • Structured Support Programs: Mera has provided both on site and remote support to many of our clients, providing support until they grow their organizational capability internally.


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