Maya HTT Ltd

MAYA provides industrial AI services, PI OT/IT integrator services, and are makers of Datacenter Clarity LC®, a DCIM solution powered by OSIsoft PI System.


MAYA HTT Ltd is bringing out the exceptional in the best for over 35 years. The core offering includes software development, industrial machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) services, industrial IoT (IIoT) services, digital enterprise solutions and services, and optimization/simulation services. We served 10000+ clients in 35 years. Maya HTT is an OEM partner of OSIsoft for our Datacenter Clarity LC® data center infrastructure management solution and we are accredited to provide OSIsoft PI Integrator services. Thanks to our OEM relationship, we have a team of developers with over 10 years expertise with PI AF SDKs, PI WebAPI, OCS, EDS, and all PI System components. Our large team of IT/OT integrators have 100s of sites (including Enterprise Agreement clients) where the OSIsoft PI System was deployed and integrated with many other IT/OT systems. The Datacenter Clarity LC® is built on a foundation that has served as the backbone of engineering departments across the globe in the space, automotive, aerospace, military and defense, and oil and gas industries for several decades. Coupled with the most powerful real-time monitoring engine on the market, Datacenter Clarity LC brings tremendous value to both the enterprise data centers and colocation market. Datacenter Clarity LC ® provides the tools to accurately and efficiently manage datacenter infrastructure, with a complete, real-time picture of asset attributes in 3D, and powerful tools to determine the most efficient datacenter configuration possible. Datacenter Clarity LC ® leverages state of the art engineering software tools and puts them in the hands of data center decision makers so they can optimize equipment placement and energy consumption, and in doing so, increase the longevity and availability of the datacenter infrastructure. We help engineering organizations and software developers with solutions to their most challenging problems. Our broad expertise in software development and engineering helps our team customize your off-the-shelf software or optimize your product design or operational technologies.



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